Month: July 2017

South Africa’s Inspiring Evangelist Matoti Brings the Holy Gospel to the U.S.

Evangelist Dumisani Matoti (right) and Mrs. Matoti (left) bringing the Gospel to the US New York – Dumisani Matoti, the rising South African inspiring evangelist, is scheduled to extend his moving gospel messages to the United States in the coming weeks and months. The leader of South Africa’s fast growing “Back To God Global Ministries” will lead several crusades and events throughout the US during his planned visit. Founded in July 2015, the mission of the “Back To God Global Ministries” is to take the people of God back to the glory of God, according to the Ministries’ online...

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Brief Overview of the Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Nursery in the US Currently, The Marijuana industry is extremely lucrative. In sales alone, both the medicinal and recreational marijuana are expected to reach over $3 Billion according to the Marijuana Factbook 2016. These numbers do not include ancillary business such as manufacturers who create plant-harvesting equipment (extractors), attorney who represent growers, accountant, real estate, and insurance. Together sales and ancillary business increases to over a $10 Billion industry. Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana is positioned to receive heavy investment from the bio medical and pharmaceutical industries. These companies are ramping up to develop patentable intellectual property. Science...

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My Introduction to the Legalized Marijuana Industry

A Typical Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary in the US Like most adolescences in the United States, I was taught to believe that marijuana is an unsafe drug. It was said if you tried marijuana, you would be likely to use harsher drugs such as cocaine and heroin. In my college days, I have smoked marijuana a few times and when I did, I felt guilty the next day. In addition, with most jobs, a pre employment drug was required before to being hired, I stayed away from marijuana for many years. I was a young mother attending a university...

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Did Chevron Violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Liberia?

WHY DID CHEVRON GIVE ROBERT A. SIRLEAF FOUNDATION US$10.5 MILLION DOLLARS IN LIBERIA?  Some two to three years ago, news of Liberia being suitable for off-shore oil exploration and drilling was widespread and several foreign oil companies landed in the country to seek permits for exploration and drilling operations. One of those companies was US oil giant Chevron. According to several international investigations and reports, especially a more detailed report authored by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Chevron is said to have given a local private foundation belonging to the son of Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirelaf US$10.5 million...

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Key Malian town seized by former Tuareg rebels

                                                                   Pro-government forces on the run from ex-rebels  WEST AFRICA (Globe Afrique) – Menaka, a key Malian town on Saturday fell to former Tuareg rebels operating in northern region two days after clashes elsewhere in the region with pro-government forces, government sources told Globe Afrique. “They entered Menaka very early this morning and they are there now,” an official in the governorate of the town, one of...

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