Month: August 2017

Is Liberia’s Sirleaf really standing up for women?

Africa’s first elected female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President Sirleaf’s promise to campaign for women candidates in Liberia’s upcoming elections comes too little, too late. By Robtel Neajai Pailey @RobtelNeajai By Korto Reeves Williams In a public statement earlier this month, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Africa’s first woman elected head of state – vowed to campaign actively for female candidates running in presidential and legislative elections in October. While her pronouncement may appear praiseworthy, it is too little, too late. In this year’s high-stakes elections – the country’s third since the end of a devastating 14-year armed...

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President Sirleaf, Koffa, Sable Mining Saga, Sherman and others – The Ugly Truth

Liberia is a strange place and strange things are always happening there, especially under the administration of President Ellen Jonson Sirleaf. As a researcher and analyst, and in my opinion, there are just few glaring realities that make the entire Sable Mining saga a joke, and waste of time and resources. But here we have someone viciously pursuing a charge where there is no need for one. Without much analysis, a plain look at the statement of the chief prosecutor of the Sable Mining case reveals otherwise. The chief prosecutor says: “If the defendant is interested in the truth,...

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An Open Letter to President Trump

I find it extremely hard to call you “President Trump” because sadly for America, you neither act like a president nor speak like one. You neither have the moral authority that a president needs to project, nor the courage of one. You have neither the vision of an enlightened president, nor the diplomatic practical understanding of one. You have neither the capacity to lead the nation as president, nor the competence of one. You have neither the credibility that the president must enjoy, nor the ability to get things done. You have neither the stability that the president must...

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Official Response of the Media Team of Dr H. Boima Fahnbulleh

Official Response of the Media Team of Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr. for President against the Nation Time Newspaper Members of the Fourth Estate: In a society with massive knowledge deficit and vast ignorance, the tendency for little men with haphazard education to assume the status of a giant is rife and amazing. This tragedy of fools thinking that they can gate-crash their way to prominence by launching a frontal assault on the person of a decent character like Dr H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr. will not go unnoticed without our strong response. Those ones who have not the decency...

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Defense ministers in Africa proposed establishing a rapid response force

East Africa––Defense chiefs from African nations met in the Ugandan capital Kampala this week to discuss regional security and defense matters facing the continent, especially in the wake international terrorism. During the meeting on Tuesday the African defense ministers agreed to establish a precipitous reaction force that will be positioned anywhere in the region where violence erupts. The defense chiefs agreed to meet in October this year to craft operational budget and offshoot activities as well as second officers to the African Union (AU) early warning systems. The meeting was held under the African Capacity for Immediate Response to...

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