Month: March 2018

Report to Reveal Naturalized U.S. Citizens in Africa Who Failed to Disclose Income or File Taxes

U.S. Income Tax Returns: Who should file them NEW YORK —Globe Afrique Media and Communication has initiated a research on naturalized US citizens living and working abroad, especially in African countries who have either refused to file US federal and state taxes or are under-reporting their income and assets. In a recent assessment conducted by Globe Afrique, hundreds of thousands naturalized U.S. citizens are earning thousands and millions of dollars in Africa but have refused to adhere to the rules and regulations of the US Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service tax code.  The Globe Afrique Media and Communications’ research report...

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S. Leone heads to polls widely expected to return ex-progressive army general to power

Retired General Julius Maada Wonie Bio FREETOWN––Over four million voters in the West African nation of Sierra Leone went out to vote on Saturday in the final round of a presidential stump evident by vocal wrangling, intermittent violence, and a last-minute legal fracas. Although a narrow margin separated the two frontrunners in the first round of March 7, 2018, presidential election, analysts and political commentators say former military ruler, General Julius Maada Bio is widely expected to win the second round comfortably if all goes well in the African country where political loyalties are and association often divided along ethnic lines....

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Senegal’s Rising Politician Khalifa Sall Sentenced for 5 years for fraud

Khalifa Sall, mayor of the capital Dakar DAKAR, Senegal––A court in Senegal has sentenced the country’s leading opposition and rising politician Khalifa Sall, mayor of the capital Dakar to a five-year jail term for fraud. The ruling, which was handed down on Friday, will rule him out of presidential elections due in February 2019. The 62-year old Sall, who is also the mayor of Dakar, has denied the charges against him and considered them as politically motivated. The government of incumbent president Macky Sall (no relations) accused Mayor Sall, who is regarded as his main rival, of fraudulent use...

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Did Retired Liberian President Sirleaf Influence Global Witness’ Exxon Report on Liberia?

Former Liberian President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ONTARIO, Canada As a global watchdog, research and journalism group, Global Witness has and stands for a good cause in exposing the lack of transparency, accountability, and abuse around the world but having and standing for a good cause is not the same as doing the right thing in pursuing that cause, especially when it comes to journalistic and research reporting. The sustainability of journalism, especially investigative journalism, rests upon a reputation for integrity, ethical conduct, and credibility.  This is why Global Witness, in its latest report on Liberia, appears to clearly...

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Three Pirates attacks foiled on two vessels off Nigerian coast

 Photo: Besides economics and security, the US-led maritime Obangame exercise in West Africa ABUJA––Naval authorities in Nigeria say the country’s navy has thwarted multiple twin attacks by pirates on two vessels in the Gulf of Guinea.  The operation was carried out by the Nigerian naval troop’s code-named Obangame deployed for regional sea exercises. The vessels that were rescued from the suspected pirate’s attacks are some of the merchant ships doing business within the country’s territorial waters. A combined effort from regional navies in the West African region led to the arrest of about eight people who had hijacked a...

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