Month: August 2018

Iran’s parliament impeaches key ministers over inefficiencies

Finance Minister Massoud Karbasian leaves after addressing the Iranian parliament for his impeachment process at the Iranian Parliament in Tehran, Iran. WASHINGTON, DC— Iranian lawmakers last week refused to give a vote of confidence to the Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Welfare Ali Rabiee as well as impeached the country’s minister of Finance and Economic Planning Massoud Karbasian The labor minister was impeached for the second time in less than five months over inefficiencies of his team while the finance and economy minister was criticized for mismanagement of “corporate insurance and workers’ problems.” Out of 243 lawmakers, 129 favored...

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The Palestinian Refugees: Right vs. Reality

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir In my last article, I argued that the ultimate solution to the Palestinian refugees’ right of return rests on resettlement and/or compensation. Indeed, given the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its psychological, political, and demographic dimensions, there is simply no other viable solution. Many Palestinians living in and outside the West Bank and Gaza, however, continue to claim that the refugees’ right of return is inalienable. Reacting to the article, Palestinian critics vociferously argued that regardless of how long it might take, they will never abandon their historic right. My answer is that the solution...

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Liberia: The “Dictatorship of the Multinational Corporations”

Golden Veroleum workers packed in tractors to work at the Palm Oil Plantation in Sinoe County. By Moses Uneh Yahmia Unlike other countries in the Sub-Saharan region, Liberia was never formally colonized by European imperialism. Therefore, the West African nation was neither militarily nor politically occupied by any of the colonizing states to give rise to the penetration of foreign capital for the colossal exploitation and exportation of raw material from the soil and sub-soil of Liberia after the partition of Africa took place in Berlin, Germany from 1884-1885. Nevertheless, Liberia’s social system has produced the principal contradiction of...

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As IS attacks, Libya’s Justice Ministry Urges Prosecution

NAIROBI, Kenya —In the wake of the Libyan Ministry of Justice ‘s call for an inquiry into sporadic attacks at multiple checkpoints throughout the country, Islamic State (IS) on Saturday claimed responsibility for Thursday’s and related attacks, especially the most recent attack on a security checkpoint in the western Libyan city of Zliten, which killed and injured security personnel. IS media arm Amaq said in a statement on Twitter that “A number of soldiers of the caliphate raided Wadi K’am checkpoint on Zliten road, targeting a gathering of security members of the infidel government. They clashed with them with...

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Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa sworn in as Zimbabwean president

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa being sworn in by Chief Justice Luke Malaba LONDON, UK– Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice Luke Malaba sworn in the country president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa on Sunday for his first five-year term as the President of Zimbabwe. Taking the oath of office, the newly elected president said, “I Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa swear that as President of Zimbabwe I will be faithful to Zimbabwe and will obey, uphold and defend the Constitution and all other laws of Zimbabwe,” said Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa’s inauguration at the National Sports Stadium took placed after the Constitutional Court on Friday terminated an application by opposition...

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