Former President Nelson Mandela, Kgalema Motlanthe and his successors President Jacob Zuma and former President Thabo Mbeki

In 2014, I published a piece entitled “Mandela” on The Huffington Post.  More than three years later, the Republic is in its darkest days since it left apartheid behind, dumped in a governance crisis that is only worsening by the day.

The problem of South Africa is that it trusted its destiny too long in one man, and that man did not leave an orderly protocol to make sure his sound leadership would have a worthy continuation. Men like Nelson Mandela, a hero, perhaps a superhero, happen once in a country’s lifetime. South Africa needs to move beyond Nelson Mandela and the one-party rule of the African National Congress, which leaders, from Thabo Mbeki to Jacob Zuma, have, unfortunately, been unable to maintain the quality of governance of the late Nelson Mandela.

In fact, all Southern Africa’s democracies are one-party ruled, with a winner takes it all politics that condemns the opposition, if there is any, to a mere role of spectator, not protagonists: it’s the case in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana, the latter being the only country in the region that has been able to maintain an extraordinary quality of public governance, for decades now.

South Africa’s challenges, from its corrupted politics, rampant inequality, high unemployment, or extreme insecurity, are however not impossible to resolve. The country and its society must come to terms with its past and radically change the course of its history, which will be dramatic in the absence of courage and determination to persevere on an alternative route.

Beyond the politics of the African National Congress and Jacob Zuma there is a new World to discover, away from politics, an obsolete governance system created in the West and exported to the Developing World, an inoperant ideological paradigm in which violence emerges across political ideologies, a race to the bottom for power and influence drives the least prepared, the most charlatan, a system, created by Europeans and Americans where nepotism, clientelism, lack of meritocracy and kleptocracy easily thrive. It’s a shame that the Washington based institutions namely the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, continue to impose an agenda which long ago demonstrated to be evil and wicked.

A politics versus a policymaking, a tale of two systems in which the latter proves, in a Darwinist sense, its superiority. The policymaking must be maintained, must be enhanced, incorporating vision and radical integration. South Africa is a driving force of half a continent south of Nigeria and Tanzania, a diamond with tremendous potential. A lack of mentorship, of guidance, sinks many promising kids in a trap of shame, in which they remain trapped, unable to tap their potential. Many countries in the World are hiring foreign football coaches, to train the best players with the art and the math that only some of the World’s best football players, not turned coaches, possess.

South Africa needs a radical shift of its governance away from politics. I am the creator of a new global governance paradigm I have called post-politics. I am determined to make of this new global paradigm a success, a wonder of the present century, a success story to be remembered, embraced, and praised by generations to come. I anticipate that South Africa’s emergence is around the corner if post-politics is deployed and radical integration with Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, and Namibia is undertaken. A new “Fiction State” shall then emerge, with tremendous benefits for citizens and an incredible narrative to conquer the hearts and minds of Lovers and Dreamers.

Jacob Zuma is not the only individual responsible for the present fiasco, it’s a whole political system which has relied, too long, on the rule of one single party, it’s the lack of courage of a whole society to embrace and install a new operating system, it’s the insistence of the international community, including international organizations and each Ambassador based in Pretoria, that the current status quo be respected. It’s the evil of an economic system called capitalism in which the corporations and the consulting firms advising those corporations to build a set of priorities which benefit, almost exclusively, the wealthiest, both domestically and abroad.

When Hotels don’t work they are sold to new Investors, who appoint a new executive management. When operating systems go obsolete, new operating systems are installed. Nokia died, Blackberry took over. Blackberry died, Apple and Samsung took over. Eventually, every steam wagon technology becomes obsolete, including cars running on oil and a World divided by ridiculous borders.

Those who are first pioneers earn the right to maintain a competitive advantage which could last decades. The developing World must come to terms with itself and be determined to play in the highest leagues along with the most developed and civilized societies. My society is not constrained to one and the only single nation-state, where I was born. It does not matter where I was born, in my mindset, but how I can contribute, going forward to the betterment of my fellow citizens in every corner of this planet. I command every South African to start listening to a different kind of music, to start reading a different kind of narrative, to wake up hopeful and embrace Robert F. Kennedy’s “why not?”. Everything is then possible, if we work together, we can reach the sky and beyond.

Thank you, Jules Verne and Arthur C. Clarke, for inventing, for all of us, a way to design the dream an anticipate the most desirable future. Thank you, President Festus Mogae, for becoming Chairman of The J.P. Monfort Party in Africa. To join The RSA Presidential Team please send your Resume and Cover Letter to SouthAfrica@presidentialteam.info.

J.P.Monfort has earned graduate degrees in telecommunications engineering (Politécnica de Madrid, Télécom ParisTech and Universität Stuttgart), business administration (Collège des Ingénieurs), financial analysis (Carlos III), financial engineering (California-Berkeley), economic development (The London School of Economics), public administration (Columbia), international law (Georgetown-in progress) Religious Studies (University of Chicago-admitted), public health (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine-admitted) and global diplomacy (SOAS-admitted). He has been a columnist for The Huffington Post and Roubini Global Economics and speaks eight languages. He is the Author of Wiley’s TheMonfortPlan and is currently working on his second book “Fiction States“. He currently lives in the Balkans.

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