A Nigerian Senator Urges President to Encourage Corruption and Public Theft

There are several reasons why leaders in most, if not all, African nations failed their people miserably.  However, central among those reasons is the lack of credible and competent legislature.  In some instances, people chosen or elected as lawmakers in some African countries are criminals with a long list of crimes attached their resumes.  In other cases, rogue and greedy politicians fill the gap.

According to reliable sources, a sitting Nigerian Senator, Dino Melaye, who represents an area known as Kogi West on last Sunday urged current Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari to order a six-month moratorium on the arrests and prosecutions of suspected looters of the oil-rich nation resources.

Senator Melaye irrationally argued that doing so would encourage those who had defrauded the country while in public service to return their ill-gotten cash and asset back to the federal coffers.

The senator’s recommendation was contained in an Independence Day message he posted on his personal Facebook page last Sunday afternoon.

“I sincerely want to recommend that Mr. President grants presidential amnesty or pardon to all those who looted our treasury provided they return all proceeds of their loot to the government within six months of the declaration of the amnesty,” Mr. Melaye said. “This, I believe will encourage the voluntary return of the looted funds.”

The senator maintained that the refund if properly coordinated, will help mitigate the impact the lingering economic hardship in the country –– especially those at the bottom of the economic ladder in Nigeria where inflation and recession are said to be looming.

President Buhari succeeded President Goodluck Jonathan.  When Johnathan left office after Buhari’s swearing-in, several media groups reported that the country’s central bank was virtually empty as ex-officials in the Johnathan regime had looted everything.

Mr. Buhari’s clampdown on corruption in public service has seen several politicians who served in the last administration arrested and taken before a court or other anti-corruption tribunals within the last one year, but the Nigerian judiciary is accusing of aiding and abetting the accused

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