Activist Kollie accuses Deputy Minister Tuan of reckless driving, abuse of power

By Martin K. N. Kollie
Liberian activist and columnist

How the Deputy Minister of Justice Nyenati Tuan is abusing power and taking advantage of poor Liberians

The mother of three kids cried aloud on my phone last Friday when she called me via messenger. According to her, she has no one to fight for her 3 girls. She said her kids were being denied justice after they were severely hit on March 1, 2020, by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Cllr. Nyenati Tuan, as a result of reckless driving.

I felt guilty and thought to act without any further delay. I lifted this story on April 13, 2020 on my Facebook page. I engaged a number of law firms and prominent lawyers to represent the legal interest of Ms. Jamesetta Taylor and her three daughters in Court. Finally, one of Liberia’s renowned lawyers, Cllr. Dr. Jallah A. Barbu along with his legal team from the Public Interest Law Firm, has agreed to represent the legal interest of Ms. Taylor and her hospitalized daughters.


The Deputy Minister for Codification at the Ministry of Justice. Tuan was charged for violating traffic law. He failed to yield to “The Right-of-Way” ordinance. According to the traffic police, his reckless driving resulted into severe injuries and damage of properties. The incident took place on March 1, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. around Rehab, Paynesville City.

The three (3) kids in these photos are victims of Tuan’s reckless driving, which he does not want to take responsibility for even though the Monrovia Traffic Court has summoned him through His Honor Judge Jomah S. Jallah. The kids were en route from Church, Winner Chapel – GSA branch, on Sunday, March 1, 2020.

The mother of these kids is Jamesetta Taylor. Ms. Taylor has been fighting for justice in behalf of her kids, but Deputy Minister Tuan has taken advantage of his status in government to abuse power and escape justice. Ms. Jamesetta Taylor cannot fight this blatant injustice alone. For more than one month now since March 1, 2020, this minister is yet to take responsibility for his inhumane action. This is so pathetic, but very unacceptable.

The mother of these kids has been struggling to provide livelihood and medication for them while Deputy Minister Nyenati Tuan parades with impunity. The Travesty of Justice is prevalent in Liberia. No justice for THE POOR and underprivileged. The higher-ups and big-shots are made to get away with gross human rights violations.

Tuan must fully account for his action. His action unbecoming of a public official also violates the 2014 Code of Conduct Law. I am taking up this matter as of today. Tuan has 48 hours to take full responsibility for reckless action against those innocent kids. Or else, I will begin a regular publication of articles and granting of interviews about his inhumane posture and abuse. International media and human rights groups will soon get to know about this blatant injustice.

Here are information on these kids:

1) Angel Johnson – 13 years
2) Christiana Cephas – 10 years
3) Princes Mulbah – 5 years

The cruelty of this Deputy Justice Minister will not go unnoticed. The World is about to hear this. The World is about to hear how a Deputy Justice Minister is abusing power and taking advantage of his portfolio to violate the rights of innocent Liberian children. This is a cause for national and international alarm.

Victims of Liberia’s Deputy Justice Minister Nyanati Tuan

As an activist, my work is to protect the weak, the poor, the underprivileged, and the marginalized against all forms of abuse. The kids of Ms. Taylor MUST get justice. I empathize with Jamesetta as her kids undergo this painful moment. I call on all feminists, rights advocates, and champions of justice to join this fight.

According to Ms. Taylor, Cllr. Tuan has shown no sign of remorse and empathy since he hit these kids with his car. In case these kids had died (God forbid)? I am on this case and we will reach at the end.

Those who know Deputy Minister Nyenati Tuan, PLEASE warn him. The World is about to know about this human rights record. The kids are being denied justice because they are not Tuan’s children. But we will fight for them. I rest my case for now.

For more details and to provide needed support in this worthy pursuit, please contact Ms. Jamesetta Taylor via this local number: +231 0775994351.

As I speak to you, we are currently in Court. Cllr. Jallah Barbu, Sr. is providing this legal representation free of charge. We appreciate him for his kindness and thoughtfulness toward humanity. The kids will and must get justice. Deputy Minister Nyenati Tuan must be made to account for such cruelty against poor Liberians especially innocent children.

We are still engaging more lawyers and human rights organizations to join this fight for justice in behalf of Ms. Jamesetta Taylor and her daughters. As of Wednesday, I will begin running key highlights and articles about this story in local and international media.

Our work is to protect the weak, the poor, the underprivileged, the marginalized, and the vulnerable. Like we are doing for Jamesetta, we can do for anyone of you, especially when you are taken advantage off by big-shots and higher-ups. The pursuit of justice is an indispensable vocation and a greater task.

Photos and Proofs: I have attached photos, court documents, and a guarantee note to prove my case against Cllr. Nyenati Tuan.

Stay home to stay safe. Watch out and Wise up against COVID-19. Stay alive through prevention and precaution. Liberia shall rise above COVID-19.

Activist Martin K.N. Kollie

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