African youths condemn Putin: Urge AU member states to break all ties with Russia

Globe Afrique – As world leaders, NATO, and the United Nations struggles to address the unprovoked and unwarranted military invasion of Ukraine by Russia on orders of President Vladimir V. Putin, hundreds of African youths across the world are condemning the Russian leader’s action as “unconscionable, ruthless, uncivilized, barbaric and gangster.”

Other African youth called the Russian leader an “insane, psychopathic, and indecent personality” that could lead the rest of the world into anarchy if no tough actions are taken by world leaders and the United Nations against him and the Russian Federation.

According to multiple sources, explosions were reported across Ukraine early Thursday, hours after President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia announced on television that he had decided “to carry out a special military operation” in Ukraine.  Multiple blasts were reported in Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital; in Kharkiv, the second-largest city; and in Kramatorsk in the region of Donetsk, one of two eastern Ukrainian territories claimed by Russia-backed separatists since 2014.

As news of these events was reported, several African youths who have reached out to Globe Afrique say it is time the world stops the global hypocrisy that gives a free ride to tyrants and psychopathic rulers in western and powerful nations when they violate international laws, standards, conventions, and protocols at will without facing tough personal consequences as does leaders in Africa.  Many of the youth are urging the member states of the African Union to break diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties with Russia and Putin who some referred to as the new insane Adolph Hitler of modern history.

While more African nations and leaders are dragging their feet in openly condemning Putin, Kenya through its Ambassador to the United Nations, H.E. Martin Kimani, pointedly lashed out at Putin and his Russian oligarchy.

Kenyan Ambassador to the United Nations, H.E. Martin Kimani

Ambassador Kimani used a tough speech at the U.N. Security Council to recount the perils of clinging to vestiges of empire.

The Kenyan diplomat said Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected diplomacy in favor of military force, which has put the international norm of multilateralism “on its deathbed.”

Ambassador Kimani strongly warmed Russia to respect its established and internationally recognized border with Ukraine, using Africa’s colonial past to highlight the dangers of stoking the “embers of dead empires.”

On Thursday morning, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine wrote on Twitter that his country was seriously facing “a full-scale attack from multiple directions” but “continues to defend itself” from the Russian invasion.

The leadership in Ukraine has said that at least 40 people have been killed so far in what is called a “full-scale war” targeting the country from the east, north, and south.

Meanwhile, an African graduate student in the UK said that “Putin’s erratic Russian military has claimed that it has wiped out Ukraine’s entire air defenses in a matter of hours and yet the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the International Court of Justice are mute on calling Putin names they would normally use on leaders from poorer and smaller countries.”

The European authorities have declared Ukrainian air space an active conflict zone, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has cut diplomatic ties with Moscow, declared martial law, and announced that Russia has targeted Ukraine’s military infrastructure.

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