Alexander Cummings, Musa Bility, and Guilt by Association

With Alexander Cummings pseudo clean image fully dirtied after allegations of documents tampering left his reputation scorched, one would think that his next move would be an image-cleansing campaign. But, instead, he shows no remorse and plunges farther into an abyss of disreputable politics by closely aligning himself with a well-known racketeer and indictee, Musa Hasan Bility.

Over the past ten years, Musa Bility has been accused, indicted, and linked to over half a  dozen illegal and racketeering activities in Liberia.

In 2012, as President and CEO of Srimex, a company involved in petroleum products in Liberia, Bility was charged with tax evasion and failing to pay taxes of US$368,000.

In 2013, a Grand Jury in Liberia indicted Musa Bility, who was the Board Chairman of the Liberia Airport Authority. His partner in crime was none other than the former Liberia Airport Managing Director and convicted felon Ellen Cockrum. Both were indicted for crimes ranging from Economic Sabotage, theft of property, criminal conspiracy, and misappropriation of $269,000 from the Liberia Airport Authority. The indictment landed Bility on a travel ban list.

In 2014, Musa Bility was embroiled in bribery allegations for the re-election of Joseph Blatter as President of FIFA, which resulted in Qatar winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid.

In 2015, Transparency International listed Musa Bility as one of FIFA’s 209 members who operate in secrecy. That is, they receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of their country’s football programs, yet, they offer no financial records.

By 2019, FIFA handed Musa Bility a 10-year ban and fined him $500,000 for breaching its code of ethics – stating, Mr. Bility was “guilty of having misappropriated FIFA funds, as well as having received benefits and found himself in situations of conflict of interest.”

In 2020, Musa Bility was accused of orchestrating gas shortages in Liberia. As a result, Liberia experienced severe gasoline shortages for nearly a month, which led to extreme hardship on many low-income families.

In 2021, Musa Bility became chairman of Liberty Party, and he embarked on a new scandalous career of selling out the party to political newcomer Alexander Cummings.

Today, many Liberians wonder why Alexander Cummings would align himself with a known racketeer and convicted criminal? But, perhaps, the greed and lust for power have consumed Cummings to the point where he’s willing to sign a deal with the devil to become President of Liberia.

Is Presidential hopeful Alexander Cummings falling short (pun intended) of his claims of trying to do things differently by consistently associating with people indicted and banned for unethical behaviors while expecting a different result? Perhaps the answer lies in an assertion that Cummings was never the ethical person he sold himself out to be. Now, Liberians are sensing that Cummings is guilty of Musa Bility’s sins or guilty by association.

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