Media Source: Xinhua (China)

ALGIERS ––Algeria announced that it has completed the construction of 1,600 kilometers of Trans-Saharan Highway with another 200 kilometers under working progress, the official APS news agency reported.

APS quoted Mohamed Ayadi Secretary General of the Trans-Saharan Liaison Committee as saying Monday in Algiers at the 68th session of the committee that the north African country has completed the construction of 1,600 km of the road and the remaining 200 km in south Algeria will be finished in short time.

The meeting focused on the review of the progress of the highway and the consultation on future steps to be taken with the countries concerned in order to carry out its realization and delivery as soon as possible.

This continental-scale infrastructure passes through six African countries, namely Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, and Chad.

Algeria’s Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Abdelghani Zaalane said that Algeria renews its priority interest in this infrastructure as a fundamental factor for economic activity, growth, trade, and investment.

And it plays important role in the interconnection and integration of Africa and the improvement of living conditions for local people.

The meeting was held in the presence of the ambassadors of concerned countries and the representatives from the Commission of the European Union, African Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA).

The objective for the completion of this 4,500 km Trans-Saharan Highway linking Algiers in Algeria to Lagos in Nigeria is to contribute to the development of commercial exchanges through roads and promote regional integration in Africa.