Are there impending Corrupt Charges against soon to be ex-Liberian officials?

By J. Tuan Wesseh

Awaiting the soon to be a former president of Liberia’ her principal appointees; relatives; and cronies will be charges of corruption based on substantiated records; documents; transfers; budgetary allotments; unbudgeted allocations; donors’ funds; amounting to millions that will have to be accounted for by Former President Sirleaf and others.

The Impending Corruption Charges against soon to be Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former Government Officials, Cronies, and Relatives.

The onslaught of corruption meted by her administration on the resources and coffers of Liberia; over a period of twelve years will be revealed through the partnership of local, international and independent collaborators bent on recuperating stolen monies and assets from Liberia.

Precedence has always been set for outgoing governments; very representative of the actions committed by Former President Sirleaf through a strong commitment by the US Government and other corroborating free world countries and leaders; the EU; World Bank; IMF; donor countries and other well-meaning organizations to ensure that wealth squandered from poor countries; especially, African countries are repatriated to those countries in dire need of development.

Liberian ministers – past and present in the Sirleaf’s government

A very reliable source requesting anonymity indicated “Later did outgoing President Sirleaf realize that a plan of action was in place and recently echoed by the declaration by the Trump administration that there would be no haven for any official of any past corrupt governments worldwide; to which former president Sirleaf will be no exception.”

This is a rather shocking development realizing the previously assumed very strong label of the Former President being a darling of the west and that irrespective of her previously glorified status, all indications are that the fate that awaits former President Sirleaf has been in the works for the last year of her presidency due to the many leading reports on the massive corrupt practices of her government.

The list of officials; well verified and validated sources; trails of monies deposited in foreign banks; list of local and foreign assets; awaits the soon to be former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; her former government officials; cronies; and relatives.

About the Author:

J. Tuan Wesseh is a Liberian scholar and professional residing in the United Kingdom. He studied finance, economics and political science.

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