Author: Bartum Kulah, MD, MBA

A positive reflection as Weah’s first 100 days approaches

~Portrait done by Togar Wilfred Tompoe USA- President George Manneh Weah is approaching his first 100 days in power, and so far, he is putting all his critics to shame. Internationally, the President has been well received by French citizens and their President, the Moroccans, the African leaders at the AU; and most leaders in our sub-region (Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo). Domestically our President has met with businesspeople, journalists, hospital administrators, students and average citizens. Yet he has embarked on efforts to build a military hospital, broke ground for the New Redemption hospital, negotiated a loan for the...

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Weah’s Racism Speech

Weah’s Racism Speech: An Indictment of Liberia’s Educational System These are my thoughts on Weah’s “racism against footballers” speech. I believe it is an indictment of Liberia’s educational system, and its failure to educate every child regardless of family finances and status. I saw the video where Senator Weah referred to discrimination against him as a footballer, and termed it racism. Following that statement many of his surrogates came out to defend him, claiming racism applies to football, religion etc. I even understand that the Minister of Education George Werner and others tried to justify what Senator Weah said;...

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