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Gambia denies allegations of land deal ‘to revive Russian empire’

Monarchist Party’s leader Anton Bakov at a news conference. DAKAR, The Gambia––The Republic of Gambia has publicly denied allegations that it has reached an agreement with Russian imperialist politician Anton Bakov, who is seeking land in an eccentric system to revive the Romanov Empire. According to the Gambian presidency’s released statement on Tuesday, it said in November 2017, Bakov presented himself as “Arch Chancellor Prince… Prime Minister (and) Serene Highness of the Romanov Empire” in a meeting where he rolled out his project. The Russian later announced that his plan that would involve constructing a city called St. Nicholas on...

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Niger to develop national security strategy to fight terror

ACCRA, GHANA—As part of a campaign to bout out terrorism, especially attacks by Boko Haram and the Islamic State, authorities in Niger said on Wednesday that they had begun work on a new national security and defense policy. Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou, chief of staff to the Nigerien president announced that a meeting brings experts and military brass together in Niamey has marked the “first phase” in a strategy that would bring in pro-active and long-term measures. Mahamadou said, “We no longer want to remain on the back foot and (having to respond with) short-term measures.” At the forum, the group...

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Security experts discuss Gulf of Guinea terror threat

ACCRA, GHANA – As the Sahel region continues to deteriorate under constant pressure from extremism, jihadist and others, several security experts from France, the United States and West Africa gathered in Abidjan to discuss anti-terrorism measures in the Gulf of Guinea. Organizers say the three-day seminar aims at identifying the risks of terrorism in the Gulf of Guinea which is a gigantic stretch of water from Liberia to Gabon. According to Interpol’s reporting, the Gulf of Guinea has become one of Africa’s hotspots for the commission of a crime, including piracy, illegal fishing, armed robbery, offshore oil theft and...

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Nigeria to receive $321 million of stolen asset: Swiss

PARIS, FRANCE – Report reaching Globe Afrique has revealed that Switzerland will return to the Federal Republic of Nigeria an estimated $321 million in assets snatched from the family of ex-military ruler Sani Abacha. The fund’s transfer and return pact were reached through a deal signed with the World Bank on Monday, the Swiss government said. Several global organizations and groups, including Transparency International, a corruption watchdog, has accused Nigeria’s former military ruler General Sani Abacha of stealing up to $5 billion dollars of public money during the five years he served as head of state of the oil-rich country,...

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France’s Macron in Africa: Action, Speeches and Promises

ABIDJAN, IVORY COAST —French President Emmanuel Macron is touring Africa in what policymakers say is an attempt to revive French influence on the continent to counter China’s growing impact, especially so since the United States, Britain and others have withdrawn. The dynamic and savvy leader of France tour of the continent began last Monday night with fanfare even though in Burkina Faso, the first country where he landed, trade and workers union groups have staged smaller protests against the French’s leader visit.  Despite the protests, Macon seems to have been making serious headways. French President Macron: Africa Needs Population...

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