Author: Blama G. Konuwah

The important reason why Liberia needs a special court to revisit its past

ONTARIO, CANADA–Liberia had a bitter era of civil conflict that had 250,000 people dead and many institutions as well as private properties destroyed.  Obviously, this was an ugly page in Liberia’s history.  At the end of the civil conflict in 2003-2005, a need for a truth and reconciliation commission emerged and a commission was set up to allow Liberians face reality, reconcile their differences and move forward in uniting their country.  Though the commission had its shortcomings; it, however, made some valuable recommendations for implementation in a context that did not prioritize justice since there can be no true...

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Liberia’s justice minister Frank Musa Dean steps aside in oil inquiry

Liberia’s Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean ONTARIO, Canada—Liberia’s attorney general/justice minister on Wednesday announced he would step aside from a probe into a contested oil deal, as he used to be head of the country’s national oil company. President George Manneh had recently appointed Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to head the probe just six days.  George Weah, who has vowed to crack down on corruption, is seen as a transformative less talk president but critics say his coziness with several individuals deemed as noncredible creates doubts on his promises. Dean, in a statement, said he had decided to step aside...

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Did Retired Liberian President Sirleaf Influence Global Witness’ Exxon Report on Liberia?

Former Liberian President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ONTARIO, Canada As a global watchdog, research and journalism group, Global Witness has and stands for a good cause in exposing the lack of transparency, accountability, and abuse around the world but having and standing for a good cause is not the same as doing the right thing in pursuing that cause, especially when it comes to journalistic and research reporting. The sustainability of journalism, especially investigative journalism, rests upon a reputation for integrity, ethical conduct, and credibility.  This is why Global Witness, in its latest report on Liberia, appears to clearly...

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Canada’s ready to deploy peacekeeping troops to Mali

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ONTARIO, Canada––As the offensive against the conglomeration of terrorist groups in West Africa increases, Canada has informed the United Nations that it is willing and prepared to send troops to join the peacekeeping mission in Mali. On Friday, a Canadian media reported and a government source said the North American nation said it will send peacekeepers backed by helicopters to support its troops and the UN mission in the restive region of Mali, An official announcement regarding the deployment is expected on Monday when the country’s Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan is expected to provide details...

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Remembering motherland Africa: Serena Williams and world tennis

Tennis legend Serena Williams ONTARIO, Canada–Serena Williams Wants to Bring One of the Biggest Professional Tennis Tournaments to the motherland, Africa, specifically Kenya.  Williams whose husband, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, dedicated four billboards to her to celebrate her return to tennis since giving birth to their child is perhaps the second African American athlete to pursue such move. Boxing great, the late Muhammad Ali was the first to request a boot in Africa when he fought in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of Congo. Like Ali, Williams has become an idol to young Africans across the continent for remembering where their lineage comes from.  So,...

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