Blama G. Konuwah

Blama G. Konuwah resides in Vancouver, Canada. He is a public issues analyst and senior contributor to Globe Afrique.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to keep eating healthy

ONTARIO, Canada – Adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet and eating fewer carbohydrates, high sodium, and unhealthy fat…

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Liberians in diaspora push for the country lawmakers’ salary reduction, urging U.S. Congress to cut aid unless demand is met.

ONTARIO, Canada – Groups of Liberians in the Diaspora have begun initiating a drive urging the U.S. Government, especially the…

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Malaysia’s Palm Investor Sime Darby has no land in Liberia; Ex-President Sirleaf signed bad deal with them

ONTARIO, Canada – In a recent local daily publication, Malaysian palm company Sime Darby which operates palm processing on several…

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In the News

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s presidential regrets – sources say she has a lot.

ONTARIO, Canada –  Since leaving office in 2017, several sources close to former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the…

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Globe Afrique Liberia

Lawlessness, corruption facilitate rape cases in Liberia, as teachers, government officials and others raped women and minors

ONTARIO, Canada –Lawlessness in Liberia as well as corruption and incompetence in the country’s judiciary and the criminal justice system…

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Russian trained Agronomist Solomon Chukuma Hedds-Williams provides solutions for agricultural productivity in Liberia

ONTARIO, Canada – Nearly a billion people around the world suffer from hunger and food insecurity every day, and half…

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To prevent false accusations of innocent people, some in the int’l community urge implementation of the findings of Liberia’s TRC’s Report.

ACCRA, GHANA – Liberia has been inundated with false accusations and impunity, with several persons being falsely accused for things…

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Human Rights

161 Dead, More Than 300,000 Displaced in 2 Weeks of violence in Congo

ONTARIO, Canada – The United Nations refugee agency said Congolese are fleeing violence at a “massive scale.” More than 300,000…

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Canada appeals court orders tobacco firms to pay billions in damages

ONTARIO, Canada––A court in Canada has upheld a decision that ordered three tobacco companies to pay billions in damages. According…

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In the News

Liberia’s president scheduled to travel for an official visit to the Jewish state of Israel

VANCOUVER, Canada ––Reports from Monrovia say Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah prepares for a weekend official working visit to the…

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