Author: Alfred P.B. Kiadii

Go Get More Loans: A Command with Grave Consequences

Infrastructure deficit in Liberia is one of the major constraints on economic growth and development. It is obvious that national government must prioritize the need to construct more roads to reduce transportation and business costs, expand capital investment in other sectors of the economy especially in agriculture production, tourism etc., thus leading to an increased in overall economic growth, and ensuring an unhindered movement of the people across the country. Anybody with just a perfunctory insight on what the lumpen masses go through in the countryside of the homeland to commute and visit medical facilities will jump at every...

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Combating Illusion in Liberia: Why the CDC-led Government Might Not Cross 3 years

 The Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) partisans during the presidential campaign By Alfred P. B. Kiadii An illusion is a virus which has always consumed elements of the bankrupt ruling class, believing that their social economic formula and reign are the last words on history, but time and events have falsified such lousy claim. Instances where they articulated that viewpoint, the rising tide of insoluble contradictions make the ruling clique disintegrate like a rotten apple which falls from a tree. Today, bankrupt elements of the CDC-led government claim their discredited party will steer the state of the ship of...

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Liberia: A Clarion Call to the Citizens of Cape Mount to Redeem the County

By Alfred P.B. Kiadii Cape Mount will be written off, as the result of the elevation of slavish flunkies and parasitic imbeciles, who are poised to serve as the new leaders of the county. Such asymmetrical power structure will eventually lead the county down the slope of decadence, leaving the people to wallow in despair. This will stifle growth, sap the resilience of the people, and keep the county in the state of backwardness. In an epoch of global competitiveness when progressive societies are tapping on the expertise of the savvy and brightest to lead the task for transformation,...

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‘Change for Hope’ or Change for Crooks?

By Alfred P. B. Kiadii The George M. Weah Government has shown early signs of the paralysis of political patronage which has imprisoned most governments in the annals of Liberian history. Just months in office, the festering wound of corruption is contaminating the public bureaucracy, thus having the tendency of dashing the hope of a people who thought that he would have replicated his sublime performance on the soccer pitch in governance, which will lead to a paradigm shift under the so-called ‘pro-poor government’ of the reactionary and ultra-right leaning Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). According to Liberia’s National...

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Mayor Koijee Dresses like a Wall Street Plunderer, as Monrovia City Government Implodes in Disarray

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee By Alfred P.B. Kiadii Against all standards of merit but in conformity with the afterthought of so-called “struggle heroes and heroines being rewarded with lucrative jobs,” President George M. Weah, in his quest to place mediocrity at the height of the public sector, appointed Jefferson Koijee to the coveted position of mayor of the metropolitan city of Monrovia. Amidst mounting criticisms from the enlightened voices in the Republic about said misnomer, forces of reaction within the ranks of the reactionary and revisionist Coalition for Democratic Change (CD), bombarded social media with a defeatist,...

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