Author: Alfred P.B. Kiadii

Liberia Bleeds in a Wailing Odyssey

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (here in photo) is accused of running a systemically corrupt regime that rewards and enriches her family members, cronies, friends and international public relations agents and lobbyists. The transition is the active vocabulary of Liberians in the political cycle, as a result, the word has become a threadbare cliché due to overuse and sometimes deliberate misuse. It is almost eight decades since our country made such democratic milestone. Whether it will happen in this year is something to be seen, as the outcome of the process has been contested, thus leaving many to wonder...

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My country Liberia has a horrible social existence

The elderly, children and disabled are abandoned in corrupt-laden Liberia Our teacher Karl Marx was right when he postulated that it is not the consciousness of men that determine their existence, but on the contrary, men’s social existence is that which determines their consciousness. He further taught us that the availability of a social reality which will lead to man’s progressive consciousness (a consciousness that enables men to develop art, science, culture, religion or philosophy) is dependent on how a society’s socioeconomic system develops its productive forces or organizes its means of production. For men to develop arts, science,...

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Change or Chance-the Ludo-Playing of Weah- the Best from Him

Indications are rife that a George Weah ‘s ascendency to the summit of state will be a colossal nightmare and catastrophic faux pas, as he is a conspicuous contradiction to everything leadership represents in this current approach of globalization. The CDC project will stagnate us in the cesspool of political sclerosis and the cul-de-sac of economic profligacy gleamed on the world like the mene tekel upharsin of Belshazzar. Whether the colonized acolytes of the Coalition for Desperate Crooks like it or not, on the one hand, the shibboleth of change is perfunctory, on the other hand; it is a...

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Analyzing the Sabu Unit and the Distorted Narrative of Change of the CDC

Liberia’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) members at a rally By Alfred P. B. Kiadii The razzmatazz is in full swing and the politicians are undercutting each other in the last bid to decide the winner of the election, as the presidential election goes to a runoff between the ruling Unity Party and the Coalition for Democratic Change. The two sides obtained the most votes in the first round of the polls, but neither side bagged the fifty percent plus one threshold of an absolute majority to attain a win. Adherents of each side are purveying that their side will...

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Unity Party: Can a House Divided Pull the Strings?

Unity Party is in a free fall due to the factional battles within its ranks. With such fast degeneracy, the lack of coherence in its central command, porosity of strategy due to massive leak, coupled with the no money syndrome, a George Weah presidency engineered by the witch plutocrat Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is on the horizon. This writer maintains that the result from the first round of the presidential polls is an indictment of a regime that was blessed with twelfth years to deliver on basic social services and ameliorate the standard of living of the people, but spectacularly...

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