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Nigeria denies AU claims, says no visas on arrival for Africans

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s information minister Washington, DC —Authorities in Nigeria say the Buhari’s government it has no plans to start issuing visas on arrival for all Africans. Over the weekend, the African Union’s political affairs office had tweeted on Friday that the West African nation of Nigeria had announced the plan, during a retreat for permanent representatives to the continental body, to issue visas to all Africans upon arrival in the country. Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s information minister, told Globe Afrique on Sunday: “It is not true that we have any such plans.” The AU has and continues to advocate...

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Globe Afrique’s West Africa Bureau Chief Visits Nigeria

J. Cholo Brooks WEST AFRICA––J. Cholo Brooks, the chief of Globe Afrique West Africa Bureau is visiting the Federal Republic of Nigeria. While in Nigeria, he is expected to liaise with several private investigators and others associated with the institution’s activities in West Africa that are based in that country. Globe Afrique, a US-based institution, is Africa’s leading investigative media entity.  The institution’s researchers, analysts, reporters, and contributors deeply investigate and report on a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. The institution, which sometimes spends weeks or months researching and preparing investigative reports, also...

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Nigeria Issued warning over suspected monkeypox outbreak

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari WEST AFRICA––Dozens of suspected cases of monkeypox have been widely recounted across Nigeria in the past several weeks, according to health officials. Health officials in the most populated country in Africa have called for calm after uncovering series of suspected cases of monkeypox in seven states in the southern territories of the country. According to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), about thirty-three, suspected cases of the virus-related disorder have been recognized since the first incident was reported on September 22 in Bayelsa State. Authorities confirmed that the affected states include Lagos, which has...

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Digital Payment Business Gains Strength in Africa’s Largest Economy

WEST AFRICA––Online payment system is soon to be widespread in West Africa as Nigeria takes the lead in introducing such mechanism to its huge population.  With over 180 million people, the business profit margin in the West African region largest economy and one of the leading economies in Africa stands to pay off. There are several online payment and Money Transfer systems introduced throughout Africa but in Nigeria, PayU seems to be positioned as the business leader. PayU collects payments from consumers who have recurring bills or subscription payments in a seamless way. According to the company’s authority, the...

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Starvation threatens the lives of thousands of Malian children

WEST AFRICA – The United Children Fund (UNICEF) has warned that a continuous increase in starvation is severely threatening children in the war-torn West African nation of Mali.  The UN agency says hunger and the lack of nutritional diet and supplement are acute. According to authorities and international organizations in the area, new information and data from the Gao and Timbuktu regions confirm that an estimated 20 percent of children are said to be acutely malnourished at a “critical” level as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). Nationwide in Mali, it is projected that about170,000 children...

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