Author: Dr. Joseph Nimene, Sr.

Pleading for Foreign Aid, A Poor Economy, Hiring Riva Levinson: Weah Repeat Ellen’s Failed Strategies and Expect Different Results

“A fair and just measure of the effectiveness of any economic policy is the living standard of the people” McGill, 2016.  LIBERIA, In late February 2018, President Weah convened his first Cabinet Meeting. During the meeting, he mandated a “comprehensive needs assessment of all Ministries” with an expectation that those ministries and agencies would present a report to him within two weeks – Liberians are still waiting for the government to publish its findings. Today, the government of former soccer legend President George Weah hasn’t offered any meaningful economic or growth strategy nor a development roadmap on education, healthcare...

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Controlling Yellow Fever Outbreak In Nigeria

1 DECEMBER 2017 | GENEVA – The International Coordinating Group (ICG) on vaccine provision for yellow fever has provided 1.4 million vaccine doses for an immunization campaign that starts on Saturday (2 December) to help control an ongoing yellow fever outbreak in Nigeria. The Government of Nigeria, supported by World Health Organization and partners, is expected to vaccinate 1.3 million people to contain the outbreak in affected areas. The vaccines, funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, will be administered in parts of Zamfara state where cases of the deadly disease have been confirmed. “WHO is working with the Government of...

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Creating the Ministry of Information Technology and Project Management in Liberia – An Interview with Mr. Lawrence Kun Kennedy

Along with working as an adjunct instructor teaching courses in project management, economics, finance, money and banking, and data analysis using MS Excel, Lawrence Kun Kennedy, a former Vice President and Operations Manager for the domestic and international fixed income desk at JP Morgan Chase Bank has spent the past five years researching international development (ID) projects in sub-Saharan Africa – mainly Liberia. Today, he is working on his dissertation and a book titled Reconceptualizing International Development Project Management Methodology in Africa – a Focus on Liberia.  With a new administration poised to take the leadership role and continue the...

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U.S. State Department Issues Kenya Travel Warning

The United States Department of State has issued travel warnings to U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the border area between Somalia and Kenya because of threats by the terrorist group al-Shabaab. The U.S. State Department is also warning its citizens to be aware of potential terrorist threats and the high risk of crime throughout the country. Al-Shabab or The Youth in Arabic is a radical youth wing of Somalia’s defunct Union of Islamic Courts, which controlled Mogadishu back in 2006, before being forced out by Ethiopian forces.  The group advocates the Saudi-inspired Wahhabi version of Islam, while most...

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Central African Republic Slams Global Witness

A moral hazard exists when an organization such as Global Witness makes its living by inspiring allegations, creating opportunities for criminal activities to initiate undercover investigations, thus, gaining fame and notoriety from the ensuing publicity. While some of the work that Global Witness has undertaken is necessary and leads to meaningful changes in underdeveloped countries, there are instances when their work is misguided and influenced by money, fame, and politics. Over the past year, Global Witness has engaged in an undercover operation in the Central African Republic by using social media to create fake profiles of a fictitious diamond...

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