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Morocco, Liberia vow to cement legislative cooperation

Habib El Malki and Bhopal Chambers  RABAT (Xinhua News) –– The Speaker of the Moroccan House of Representatives Habib El Malki and his Liberian counterpart Bhopal Chambers vowed to cement legislative cooperation between the two countries, the Moroccan parliament said in a statement on Sunday. According to the statement, the two speakers met on the sidelines of Malki’s participation in the inauguration ceremony of the new President-elect of the Republic of Liberia, George Weah, where he will represent King Mohammed VI. Malki hailed Liberia’s democratic and economic progress, which he said would enable Liberia to play a pioneering role in...

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Antonio Damasio Tells Us Why Pain Is Necessary

 Antonio Damasio BEYOND SCIENCE: Antonio Damasio, director of the Brain and Creativity Institute at USC, sings the glories of the arts in his new book, The Strange Order of Things: “The sciences alone cannot illuminate the entirety of human experience without the light that comes from art and humanities.” By Kevin Berger Source: Culled from Nautilus Following Oliver Sacks, Antonio Damasio may be the neuroscientist whose popular books have done the most to inform readers about the biological machinery in our heads, how it generates thoughts and emotions, creates a self to cling to, and a sense of transcendence...

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Trump administration bars Haitians from U.S. visas for low-skilled work

© REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque – Demonstrators hold signs and shout as Trump motorcade passes in West Palm By Yeganeh Torbati Media Source: Culled from Reuters Haitians will no longer be eligible for U.S. visas given to low-skilled workers, the Trump administration said on Wednesday, bringing an end to a small-scale effort to employ Haitians in the United States after a catastrophic 2010 earthquake. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the change less than a week after President Donald Trump reportedly questioned in an Oval Office meeting why the United States would want to take in immigrants from Haiti and...

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Peacekeeping facing unprecedented challenges, UN chief warns

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Media Source and credit: Xinhua (China) UNITED NATIONS — UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday that UN peacekeeping “is facing unprecedented challenges.” “Many times ill-equipped, our peacekeepers are now deliberately targeted. This situation is not sustainable. It is time to sound an alarm,” the UN chief said at an informal meeting of the UN General Assembly to hear his briefing about the priorities for 2018. “Our missions are increasingly deployed in difficult environments where there is little peace to keep,” he added. The Secretary-General expressed his determination to “improve how peacekeeping performs, to better protect...

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Trump ends special protection for immigrants, thousands of Africans to be impacted.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (R) listens as U.S. President Donald Trump WASHINGTON, DC —The Trump administration is gearing up to enforce its immigration policies in 2018, a process that is set to grossly affect hundreds of thousands of Africans and more than 5,000 Liberians currently in the United States who are out of status. On Monday, the Trump administration canceled the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for more than 200,000 people from El Salvador. This follows the cancellation/expiration of the TPS and Deferred Enforcement Deportation (DED) status for people from countries such as Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea....

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