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Liberia’s Legislature ratified the ill-fated Eton Finance PTE Limited-GOL

Capitol Building By Alfred P. B. Kaidii We don’t have faith in the collective of membership of the Liberian legislature. The whole legislature is a façade. Apart from the specious filibustering and boring antic, the legislature has always being subservient and played second fiddle to every Liberian leader. A rubber stamp institution it is, thus making it anachronistic in the context of check and balance. In true, check and balance, in the context of Liberia, is only on the paper. The reality is different. The legislature is just a burden taxpayers have to shoulder to make Liberia appears like...

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Liberia is Bleeding

By Alfred P. B. Kiadii Then come the nouveau riches donning gaudy costumes, acting like the new overlords in the wasteland. Masquerading with high-sounding phrases in a spectacle of empty braggadocio. Not convalescent with the fact that the leadership of the Homeland is a poisoned chalice meant to expose their bankruptcy to the stubborn people who have a bit of trust in them. They are not new elites but Barbarians. They seem to be confused. Statecraft is not their forte, but plunder and arrogance. The pandemic is lethal and fatal. They seem lost in the wilderness. Their action is...

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The Futility of Unification Day: Hopeless Future – Misguided Generation – Unpatriotic Leaders

Life In Liberia – From Sirleaf to Weah: What has Changed By Martin K. N. Kollie, Youth Activist The economy is taking a nosedive. Prices of main export commodities are falling due to global macroeconomic shocks. Inflation is high – youth unemployment is heightening – purchasing power is low – real wage of civil servants is being highly impacted by inflation – poverty has rendered our people hopeless. In this 21st century, Liberians are the 8th unhappiest group of people on planet earth according to UNDP 2018 World Happiness Report. I woke up this morning to a sunny...

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Now we know why Minister Nathaniel McGill took a whopping US$200,000 Loan

Presidential Affairs Minister Nathaniel McGill By Martin K. N. Kollie Youth Activist The 2018-2019 budget of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs has increased from US$18,689,116 to US$21,539,211. This accounts for a whopping 13.2 percent increment (US$2,850,095) even though the government is still struggling to generate an uncollected revenue of US$332 million from the fiscal year 2017-2018. The nation remains aid-dependent and loan-reliant while the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs has budgeted over US$21.5 million just in a period of 12 months. Now we know why Minister McGill secured a loan of US$200,000 to purchase a luxurious...

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The Capitalist Crisis of Over Capacity and its Effects on the Liberian Economy

By Moses Uneh Yahmia The heralded prospect of Liberia rapidly expanding its economy through industrialization; thus, urbanizing and increasing the number of workers in the working class (employment) through the penetration of foreign capital is a dream not to be realized now or in the distant future. The thing is, almost every advanced capitalist country is experiencing the capitalist crisis of overproduction/over capacity – which points to the epoch of senile decay of a social system that was considered by many bourgeois economists like Francis Fukuyama as an eternal system of organizing the productive forces of society. The crisis...

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