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Eugene L. Fahngon Continues to Embarrass President Weah and the CDC

President George Weah, you need to show strong leadership and ask Deputy Minister Eugene L. Fahngon to either resign or have him fired! Fahngon is an embarrassment to your administration! Fahngon’s Conduct Around Other People is Objectionable Grounds for Dismissal Fahngon continues to violate the National Code of Conduct Laws of the Republic of Liberia while espousing that “No one is above the Law.” He continues to violate the following laws: PART IV, subsection 1, 2, 3, 9, and PART XI, paragraph 1, 10, 15, 21 of the Code of Conduct. Therefore, according to PART XV, the sanctions for...

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The Palestinian Refugees: Right vs. Reality

Dr. Alon Ben-Meir In my last article, I argued that the ultimate solution to the Palestinian refugees’ right of return rests on resettlement and/or compensation. Indeed, given the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its psychological, political, and demographic dimensions, there is simply no other viable solution. Many Palestinians living in and outside the West Bank and Gaza, however, continue to claim that the refugees’ right of return is inalienable. Reacting to the article, Palestinian critics vociferously argued that regardless of how long it might take, they will never abandon their historic right. My answer is that the solution...

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Liberia: The “Dictatorship of the Multinational Corporations”

Golden Veroleum workers packed in tractors to work at the Palm Oil Plantation in Sinoe County. By Moses Uneh Yahmia Unlike other countries in the Sub-Saharan region, Liberia was never formally colonized by European imperialism. Therefore, the West African nation was neither militarily nor politically occupied by any of the colonizing states to give rise to the penetration of foreign capital for the colossal exploitation and exportation of raw material from the soil and sub-soil of Liberia after the partition of Africa took place in Berlin, Germany from 1884-1885. Nevertheless, Liberia’s social system has produced the principal contradiction of...

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‘“The Right Of Return”—To Where?’

By Dr. Alon Ben-Meir The nearly three months of demonstrations by Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border under the banner of the “March of Return”, which turned violent and has remained as such as of this writing. This provides another manifestation of how wrong and astray the Palestinians have been led, believing that there is still a prospect for the Palestinian refugees to return to their original homes in today’s Israel. Moreover, even though the Palestinian leadership knows that the right of return can never be materialized, the fact that they encouraged the outpouring of Palestinian youth behind this untenable...

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Liberia: The Socioeconomic Crisis Deepens

By Moses Uneh Yahmia As we predicted, the 25 million foreign notes auctioned by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) on June 20, 2018 has been swallowed by the high demand for foreign currency in the Liberian economy! The CBL’s rate, which is set based on data collected from the commercial banks, parallel market and the licensed forex bureau, has once again started to increase with the speed of light, thus developing the potential to butcher the already declining purchasing power of workers, civil servants, farmers, petite traders, etc. This is akin to doing more of the same things...

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