Author: Jacob Ujamaa Nyerere

Despite initial glitches, Liberia’s Election allegedly Went smoothly

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf with Red Hat bearing initials “EJS’ in line to vote WEST AFRICA —Today, October 10, 2017, Liberians vote for a new president to replace outgoing president Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The Tuesday poll also includes legislative races for members of the House of Representatives. Voting started on a rocky path this morning, with several voters being initially denied access and the opportunity to vote because, according to officials of the National Election Commission (NEC) of Liberia, the eligible voters did not have their names on the authorized NEC voting roster sent at the voting centers....

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No Electoral Reform, No Election Rerun––Kenya Opposition Says

Incumbent President Kenyatta, left, and opposition leader Odinga, right EAST AFRICA —Opposition groups say they will not participate in the presidential election rerun of their demands for reform at the country’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) remain unaddressed. The main opposition group, the National Super Alliance (NASA) headed by veteran opposition leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has put forward demands requesting changes to the IEBC’s leadership and some key personnel to avoid rigging. The country’s presidential election held on 8 August this year was annulled by the high court on grounds of vote and ballot tempering,...

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Are Presidents Zuma and Sirleaf the Symbols of Failed African Leadership?

Southern Africa—South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma and Liberia’s president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf are from two opposite spectrums. One thing certain about both is, President Sirleaf is a woman and well educated and President Zuma, on the other hand, is a male and semi educated. Both were revolutionary figures but for different reasons and with different motives and goals. Zuma fought against apartheid in collaboration with some of the best human beings that ever walked the continent of Africa. Sirleaf for her part, fought for Sirleaf––the desire to be great. And she did so with some of the worse human...

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Ethiopian court imprisons hard-hearted Nigerian drug smuggler for 7 years

East Africa –Authorities in Ethiopia have sentenced a serial Nigerian drug dealer identified as Emika Riphael. Riphael was on Thursday sentenced to seven years in prison by a court in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, after he was found guilty of smuggling 500 capsules of cocaine. The 36-years old Riphael was arrested on August 17, 2017 at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, following a tedious inspection in which the scanner sensed leery pills concealed in his stomach. The country’s security services said Riphael hid 11 packages of cocaine. The police announced that they have repossessed an extra16 packages of cocaine from...

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Kenyan judges and Lawyers Blast Kenyatta ‘veiled threats’ Tactics

President Kenyatta referred to his country’s Supreme Court judges as “crooks” after they rescinded his election win. EAST AFRICA —Judicial independence and equal powers have been demonstrated in the east African state Kenya in the past few days when the country’s supreme court reverse an electoral decision nullifying the results of the August 8 presidential elections that named incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner. While many Kenyans at home and abroad applauded the court’s move, President Kenyatta referred to the entire supreme court bench as “crooks,” in addition to make threats. That reference did not sit well with...

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