Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion

MY TURN: Memo to President George Manneh Weah

Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah To prosecute or not to prosecute Liberia’s war criminals is the “monkey” that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and President George Manneh Weah must confront or it may have serious ramifications for the regime economic survive. CDC must decide whether doing business with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor’s NPFL-NPP is worth risking Liberia’s international isolation and the economic strangulation of the economy? There are powerful international actors and institutions, including the United Nations, the European Union and human rights activists with political connections to U.S. powerful heavyweights, that are beginning to turn...

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The First Item of a President Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda is to Conduct a Comprehensive Audit

MY TURN: Most Liberians wish President Weah success, especially when it comes to good governance and the president’s pro-poor agenda. But the first law of good governance is clarity.  That means the present government of President Weah must conduct a comprehensive and forensic audit of the previous government of his predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  The essence of the audit is not to judge Madam Sirleaf and pretend that she is incriminated in any time.  The government-wide audit is needed for all government agencies so that the new administration can know where it is starting from and what resources...

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Liberia: CONGRATULATIONS President George Manneh Weah, but…..

Liberia’s President George Manneh Weah MY TURN: I would like to congratulate President George Manneh Weah, but I will put my shouting for joy on hold until you complete your full cabinet ministers list. But hammam, the Foreign Minister post didn’t go to a CDC member? And where is Wilson Tarpeh headed to? And Mulbah Morlu, young Jonathan Koijee and other foot soldiers of the CDC? And now some of these holdovers from the Ellen regime, some who rained insults on you? Time to get serious “bahbee” brother and to deliver for your “pro-poor government.” I had put forth...

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Open letter to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Republic of Liberia

Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republic of Liberia Dear Honorable Speaker: Congratulations on your election as Speaker of the Liberian Congress! As the Liberian journalist who unearthed (dug up) and forwarded to you in 2011 a copy of the U.S. Justice Department ( report of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s hired/paid lobbyists who got paid more than $100 million of our maritime money from 2006 upward, I want you to revisit that investigation in your capacity as Speaker of the House of Representative (the Liberian Congress). I am sure the US Justice Department under President Donald...

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George Manneh Weah: Marking the beginning of majority rule in Liberia

By Jerry Wehtee Wion The Liberian elections on October 11, 2005, are not about who is the best “qualified” candidate to lead Africa’s oldest republic.  Neither are they about which candidate has the highest level of education. For if those were the deciding factors (outside the constitutional requirements for the presidency), then why would GEORGE MANNEH WEAH, equipped only with a high school education loom so high above the rest and be regarded as the favorite to win the presidency over a number of candidates, some with doctorate degrees? It means that leadership must be part of a person...

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