Author: Jerry Wehtee Wion

Open letter to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Republic of Liberia

Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republic of Liberia Dear Honorable Speaker: Congratulations on your election as Speaker of the Liberian Congress! As the Liberian journalist who unearthed (dug up) and forwarded to you in 2011 a copy of the U.S. Justice Department ( report of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s hired/paid lobbyists who got paid more than $100 million of our maritime money from 2006 upward, I want you to revisit that investigation in your capacity as Speaker of the House of Representative (the Liberian Congress). I am sure the US Justice Department under President Donald...

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George Manneh Weah: Marking the beginning of majority rule in Liberia

By Jerry Wehtee Wion The Liberian elections on October 11, 2005, are not about who is the best “qualified” candidate to lead Africa’s oldest republic.  Neither are they about which candidate has the highest level of education. For if those were the deciding factors (outside the constitutional requirements for the presidency), then why would GEORGE MANNEH WEAH, equipped only with a high school education loom so high above the rest and be regarded as the favorite to win the presidency over a number of candidates, some with doctorate degrees? It means that leadership must be part of a person...

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Weah’s success depends on honesty in fighting corruption

Liberia’s president-elect George  Manneh Weah in blue MY TURN: First thing: Do not make too many promises to our people that you may not be able to fulfilled Also, please conduct a comprehensive forensic audit by a reputable independent international accounting firm of the government’s financial health. Promise the Liberian people you will make the findings public and prosecute anyone implicated in corruption. This is first the test of a Weah presidency. Why? You must know what you are inheriting moneywise from the Sirleaf administration. You must know the government monthly and yearly expenditures and balance sheet (payroll obligations...

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President Sirleaf’s Game Plan: A Strategic but Malicious Gamble

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf MY TURN: Next after the Dutch Merchant of Death, Gus Kouwenhoven, comes Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Mother of the NPFL’s rebel army who was the chief architect and confessed mastermind of the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust. The first lawsuit that will hit Madam Sirleaf will come from the Sierra Leone war victims who are seeking $20 million from her in damages. Then the suit of Liberian war victims will follow.  We also believe that she might face charges in the murder of the five American Catholic nuns and cold-blooded murder of Thomas Sankara, the late...

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After the Dutch Merchant of Death, the Mother of the NPFL

MY TURN: Next after the Dutch Merchant of Death Guss Kouwenhoven will be the Mother of the rebel army NPFL Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the chief architect and confessed mastermind of the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust. In the meantime, my confidential sources in the U.S. intelligence have confirmed that the former Defense Minister of the rebel army NPFL, Mr. Tom Woewiyu, who the U.S. authorities placed under house arrest in Philadelphia, will go on trial February 26, 2018 in Philadelphia for falsifying his U.S. immigration application about his past that he never committed human rights abuses and war crimes. Remember, Tom Woewiyu’s historic...

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