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Globe Afrique’s Research and Analysis (GARA) is the primary wing of Globe Afrique Media and Communications that investigates certain research work and analysis, its results and impact, with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making for the clarity of the reading audience. With this, we seek to help the reading audience and the public rely on evidence ––based research and analysis and rigorous evaluation to interpret political, social, economic, scientific and cultural conclusions, developments, events, threats as well as promote effective policies and strong management.

Kevin Hart’s Funniest Stories, and more

Kevin Hart is a very funny comedian with a collection of hilarious life stories. Here is a compilation of his…

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Globe Afrique Strongly Condemns the Cowardly Attacks on Roots FM

An efficient and useful press is vital in maintaining good governance and a healthy democracy in Liberia. Henceforth, Globe Afrique…

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Zimbabwe Vice Presidents flies to India for medical treatment, while poor Zimbabweans die in poorly staffed and poorly equipped hospitals in country

Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Constatino Chiwenga has been flown to India for medical treatment, the government of Zimbabwe has confirmed.   Sources say…

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President Sirleaf’s Strategic Relationship with the U.S.

2015: President Obama Meets Madam Sirleaf According to a report prepared for Members and Committees of the United States Congress,…

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U.S. Senator Kamala Harris: A Year Away from Making Unexpected History in the World

She is not Barack Obama, but Kamala Harris is poised to pull the same magic as Obama to become the…

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Krio Borbor: Why I moved from Utah, USA to Sierra Leone, West Africa

Several Westerners relocating to Sierra Leone to settle and enjoy life.  Among those relocating into the West African state are…

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In the News

Globe Afrique’s Inspiring African Series: Genevieve Nnaji

Nigerian actress, producer, and director Genevieve Nnaji has become the most successful actress in Nollywood, the African equivalent of Hollywood based in…

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International Development

How is the United States government shutdown affecting development in Africa?

MONROVIA — Many nongovernmental organizations who received approval for projects from USAID are now being told that they will not…

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10 Most Corrupt Countries in Africa 2018

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Ex-US President Barack Obama’s hard-hitting Speech at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa

African leaders must listen and learn from this speech if the continent is to move forward in the years, decades…

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