Author: Michael Harrington

Equatorial Guinea court upholds opposition ban, jail terms

Equatorial Guinea Dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema  in photo prepares for one party rule PARIS––The superior court in Equatorial Guinea on Monday confirmed the disbanding of the country’s foremost opposition and upheld 30-year jail terms handed to 21 of its members. A former Spanish colony with a population of 1.2 million people, crammed with oil but stalled in poverty and a standing for greed and widespread corruption, Equatorial Guinea has over the decades been ruled with an iron fist by Teodoro Obiang Nguema since 1979. The president of the Supreme Court, Juan Carlos Ondo Angue, announced, “In the name of...

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Pope denounces attack on church in Nigeria that killed 15 persons

Pope Francis at the Vatican PARIS–– In the aftermath of an attack on a church in Nigeria, the Holy Father Pope Francis has criticized the incident that killed 15 people, including two Catholic priests. In remarks on Sunday to the public in St. Peter’s Square, the Holy Father prayed that Nigeria’s Christian community can find harmony and peace in the midst of the attack and other human suffering imposed on them by hateful elements. Last week’s church massacre took place in Benue state in central Nigeria.  Sources say the region has recently witnessed a series of attacks, many linked...

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Ivory Coast pledges to send 450 peacekeepers to CAR

Ivory Coast’s Foreign Minister Marcel Amon-Tanoh PARIS––The foreign minister of the Ivory Coast on Thursday said his country will send 450 troops to the Central African Republic to serve as UN peacekeepers in one of the most demanding missions. Foreign Minister Marcel Amon-Tanoh made the announcement after Gabon announced last month that it was pulling out its 450-strong contingent from the MINUSCA mission in the Central African Republic. The foreign minister told reporters at the UN headquarters that “Ivory Coast will soon send a contingent of 450 soldiers.” High-level sources say the United Nations is also looking for 900...

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An inter-African economic exchanges forum to unlock trade hosted in Tunis

TUNISIA-TUNIS-AFRICA ECONOMIC FORUM PARIS–– The Tunisian government hosted an Africa Economic Forum on Tuesday, with more than 900 participants from 38 African countries in attendance. Radhi Meddeb, the Commissioner General of the forum said the goal of the forum is to unlock inter-African economic and trade exchanges and strengthening the establishment of a strong partnership between Tunisia and the African continent, for the creation of commonwealth, said Sources say the accession of Tunisia to COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) would be announced on the sidelines of this forum, while the formalization of the accession is planned...

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Algerian court sentences Liberian to death for ‘spying for Israel’

PARIS––A unnamed Liberian citizen accused by the Algerian government for working for the Israelite government has been sentenced to death. An Algerian court has sentenced a Liberian national (unnamed) to death for “spying for Israel,” the Algeria Press Service reported on Tuesday. The court has deliberately refused to provide the name of the Liberian and other sub-Sahara Africans held hostage by the Algerian regime, according to Jones Nhinson Williams, a Liberian public policy professional based in the United States. “It is time sub-Sahara African nations take the barbaric and tyrannical Islamic regimes in North Africa to task for their...

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