Author: Sayma Julius Syrenius Cephus

No Amount of distraction can Alter the Drive for Change

It is somewhat amazing and to a large extent, incredibly difficult to decipher the actual objective of the forays of negative media reports regarding the presidential ticket of the CDC led by Senator George Manneh Weah. First, we must understand and appreciate the fact that the authors of these articles are Liberian citizens and given their diverse political or  tribal interests and  backgrounds, it is obvious to arrive at the salient  conclusion that in a country where signs of pragmatism are harder to find when it comes to whose interest should prevail, it is obvious that the CDC ticket...

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Liberia: Impeachment Proceedings Against 3 Associate Justices Have No Legal Basis

President Sirleaf (above) and the other two branches of the Liberian Government WHY the So-called Impeachment Proceedings by The House Against Three Associate Justices of The Supreme Court of Liberia Have No Legal Basis Comment and Analysis  The nation is being held hostage by what seems a rather queer constitutional crisis, deeply shrouded in blackmail and extortion, and is being perpetrated by some members of the National Legislature to impeach three distinguished Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of Liberia, namely His Honor Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Her Honor Madame Jamesetta H. Wollokolie and His Honor Professor Mr. Justice Philip...

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All Who Condemned Colonialism in Africa Must Apologize To the West-Part I

Colonialism may not have been good, but certainly it was far better than the present level of corruption in Africa Those Who Condemned Colonialism in Africa in the Past Must Apologize To the West–Part I Unlike the Republic of Botswana where one hardly ever hears any distasteful and dreadful news stories about internal political rivalries, grafts, the abuse of power and rampant corruption, trump-up criminal charges against ‘perceived enemies’ of the state, and state organized killings, Africa is a classic example of a ‘hell paradise’—disease-plagued, extreme poverty, denial and nasty political brinkmanship reign! Pathetically, this is demonstrated by the...

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