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Beware Of The Dangerous, Cunning, and Manipulative Liberian President

Beware Of The Dangerous, Cunning, Manipulative And Flippant Liberian President

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia is playing the Russian Roulette game; very dangerous, cunning, manipulative, while looking for a soft landing for her immunity from prosecution. Buyers beware of the “Ellen Curse” for it is contagious and deadly and a losing game.

The Ellen Curse propelled George Manneh Weah to victory in the 2014 Montserrado County senatorial race when Weah crushed Ellen’s son Robert Sirleaf.

The Curse has now entrapped Charles Brumskine and lately, George Manneh Weah. Thus, this election is all Joseph Boakai to win if Mr. Boakai can distance himself from Ellen and clearly state his positions on the GAC audits, TRC Report, NOCAL bankruptcy and the need for a comprehensive audit, a promise to cut the fat salaries of government officials by 50% starting with his own salary, the need to audit the over $30 million dollars Executive Mansion renovation funds, and a take-no-prisoners approach to fighting corruption.

Latest news coming out of Monrovia speaks of Weah fully being engulfed in the Ellen Curse where Ellen is now said to be pressuring Weah to drop his VP Jewel Taylor for the gravy train chaser Milton Findley.

Liberian President Sirleaf: the master of Liberian politics

Ellen is a very pretentious and cunning politician. She is trying to cover her corrupt tracks and is now shopping around for soft landing. Thus, funneling our money first to Brumskine and now to Weah who she thinks she can control.

An unsophisticated Weah will fall victim to the Ellen Curse by her open support to Weah. Mr. Boakai needs to stay away from Ellen.

This then brings me back to my theme of Natives versus Congua in this election. I hope our people take off their blind folders to see the scheme Ellen is pulling to fool Boakai.

I have been sounding this alarm for a long time now. One does not have to be a political scientist to know the game Ellen is playing.

Not sure whether Brumskine or Weah can win this election, this woman is playing mind games with Boakai. But UP Chairman Wilmot Page was right to walk out of the Tuesday Unity Party Executives’ meeting.

How deceitful Ellen is when she is using our tax dollars to fund the campaigns of both Brumskine and Weah, and go to sit with Mr. Boakai pretending to support him?

We natives need to wake up from our apathy and slumber and unite to win this election for Boakai. You don’t play your loyal Vice President for 12 years like a football.

I care less about political correctness in this election. Weah is not sophisticated enough to understand the game of the Congua. Don’t ever trust a Congua. Weah may now not get the Kpelleh vote and the NPP vote if he dumps Jewel Taylor for Milton Findley.

Stop being a nice guy Mr. Boakai. Call a spade a spade. Tell the House Speaker and your VP Emmanuel Nuquay to reject this latest scam by Ellen as she seeks immunity from prosecution. Time to take off the gloves Mr. Boakai and talk issues.

It is better to die with your pride and dignity intact. For in life, it is the question of how do you want to be remembered when your time is up. A good name is better than silver and gold. Just ask Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela.

Prominent Liberian presidential candidates for the October 10, 2017 election: From upper left to right are: VP Boakai, UP; Weah, CDC; Brumskine, LP; Urey, ALP; Jones, MOVEE; and Cummings, ANC

Finally, to the voters in Liberia, as you decide who to vote for, just consider this thought: Of all the candidates running for President, who among them would you entrust with your money and to protect your teen age daughter if you were faced with such decision? Character, integrity, trustworthiness of the candidates will lead you to pick Mr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai. As for me, my over 100 family members and friends are voting for Mr. Boakai. May God bless Liberia.

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Jerry Wehtee Wion

Jerry Wehtee Wion is a veteran Liberian journalist and political commentator. His work experience includes serving as a former radio announcer and sports journalist for the ELWA radio in Liberia, press commentator to the Liberian presidency (1980- 1981), and as a staffer with the Associated Press in New York. He is currently based in Washington, DC and runs an informative call-in Liberian news hotline known as LANSNews.
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