Brief Overview of the Marijuana Industry

Medical Marijuana Nursery in the US

Currently, The Marijuana industry is extremely lucrative. In sales alone, both the medicinal and recreational marijuana are expected to reach over $3 Billion according to the Marijuana Factbook 2016. These numbers do not include ancillary business such as manufacturers who create plant-harvesting equipment (extractors), attorney who represent growers, accountant, real estate, and insurance. Together sales and ancillary business increases to over a $10 Billion industry.

Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana is positioned to receive heavy investment from the bio medical and pharmaceutical industries. These companies are ramping up to develop patentable intellectual property. Science shows the unique potential of the Marijuana plant to produce patentable research and global revenues easily nearing a trillion dollars and profits into hundreds of millions.

Much of the focus around medical marijuana is targeted at cannabinoids including CBG, CBD, CBA, and terpenes, active agents other than THC. While THC can be used to treat certain medical conditions, it is not the primary focus and should not be confused nor merged with the recreational market. Scientific research supports the usefulness of the unique CBD compounds found within Marijuana.

PubMed, the leading medical publications database, cites Marijuana in over 17,000 citations and scores of peer-reviewed medical studies of our own federal governments’ National Institute of Health website, NIH, Gov. The science behind medical Marijuana shows the compounds can help with the treatment of cancer, AIDS/HIV, glaucoma, epilepsy, mental health disorders, and other diseases and conditions. Hundreds of peer-reviewed scholarly papers support these findings as well as thousands of documented cases of the beneficial effects of marijuana when fighting these diseases.

Antiquated federal government policies have created a global repression of marijuana-based medicines. Once these federal policies are removed, it is assumed there will be a rush by pharmaceutical and biomedical companies to develop and secure intellectual property and patents.
• Pharmaceutical Industry – $962 Billion Global Market and to reach $400 Billion in US in 3 years.
• Cancer Treatment – $125 Billion and to reach $158 Billion in 2020. (National Institute of Health)

When federal regulations are removed, research grants in hundreds
of millions will likely flood the market. These grants are not exclusive to the big pharmaceutical companies so therefore we need to prepare.

Recreational Marijuana
The recreational marijuana market has proven to be a windfall for all the states that have thus far approved it and shattered the most conservative estimates. The conservative estimates in the world market recreational use is $450 Billion (as of 2014). The approval for recreational marijuana has substantially diminished black market sales in those states. Eradicating black market marijuana sales will decrease crimes that are associated with black market marijuana.

Recreational marijuana can be consumed safely and without negatively affecting others. Consumption through edibles, oil-based pens, and vaporizing systems allows for the consumption of marijuana without producing smoking-related particulates. In addition, marijuana can be used as a flavoring ingredient and its leaves can be juiced to produce vitamin-rich drinks. Marijuana is just another ingredient to the pallet. There have already been several chefs interested in producing marijuana-paired dinners and restaurant concepts.

The key is that the marijuana industry is new and rapidly exploding with opportunity. Nearly every state in the union is addressing their role within the industry and looking at the state revenue benefits from it. Now is the time to join the rush for the “gold”. The marijuana industry will be one of the fastest growing we will see in our lifetime.

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