Capacitybay, a Veteran Technology Workforce Development group expands training opportunities for U.S. Veterans and others

NEW YORK – Capacitybay Information Technology Workforce Development Group is expanding its training opportunities for all U.S. veterans and transitioning service workers nationwide in the United States.

Since its founding few years ago, the organization has been providing online information technology training, employment services and career support to U.S. veterans, dislocated workers, long-term unemployed and New Americans in various IT programs including Linux, AWS, Big Data, computer networking etc.

The main programming skills taught include but not limited to I.T. Service Management 100%, Big Data Science 100%, Data Protection and DR 100%, Linux and Cloud Technologies 100%, Artificial Intelligence 100% and Web Technologies 100%.

Former completers of the program have gone on to secure lucrative and rewarding employment in the private sector, earning around $80,000 to $120,000 annually. 

Aside from the benefits to the veterans of having the opportunity to develop their careers after serving their country, the executive director of Capacitybay Workforce Development Services, Mr. Obi Nwachukwu said, “veterans also bring skills and experiences that private sector employers are already looking for.”

According to the instructional team of Capacitybay Information Technology Workforce Development Services, if one is a veteran transitioning to civilian life, the organization can assist them achieve a dream career and employment in information technology and related computer jobs.  In addition to providing training, staff of the organization also provide services that include résumé and application assistance, and career development assistance.

Capacitybay is also venturing into designing various innovation activities that would enable U.S. veterans to undertake, participate and gain employment in US-founded development project overseas.  Such projects would include things like installing information technology systems, installing solar panels as well as renovating schools and community health centers in developing countries.

A U.S. Veteran and Transitioning Service Workers Workforce Development Service

Mr. Obi Nwachukwu said the organization is primarily focused on U.S. veterans because, even though they (veterans) bring sought after soft skills to the workplace as well as applied work experience, education, licensures and credentials, they also, however, may lack industry specific experience, have trouble translating their work experience into civilian terms or have trouble determining how to apply that experience to a civilian job, especially within the time constraints associated with a military transition.

The organization is also providing similar services to U.S.-based dislocated workers, transitioning service workers such as police and others as well as New Americans –people who have recently naturalized as U.S. citizens.  Veterans and New Americans seeking training, workforce development and employment support in information technology can contact visit for details.

The organization is also partnering with another technology firm, TechSpires, in supporting information technology training and education in developing countries. TechSpire has been training students and high school drop-outs and others in Africa in various computer and information technology applications development, and other computer programs.

Smart Nwachukwu, CEO of TechSpires, Inc.

TechSpires’ CEO Smart Nwachukwu envisions expanding the program such that schools and students in developing countries, especially those in Africa, can become computer literate and understand the working of information technology at an appreciable level while still in high school. Schools wishing to partner with Techspires can visit for details.

TechSpires is currently active in few West African countries.   The organization which focuses on students plans on launching a robust online training program for middle and high school students in the United States as soon as all necessary mechanics are worked out. 

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Ben Mabande

Ben Mabande is a researcher and senior contributing reporter with Globe Afrique Media.
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