Caritas Freetown leads community development in Sierra Leone, recently funded the rehabilitation of Connaught Hospital Ward 9

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone–The Catholic development office in Freetown, Sierra Leone is actively engaged in the country’s development efforts.  Since the end of Sierra Leone’s civil conflict, Caritas Freetown and the Catholic Church of the country have been assisting in rehabilitating several community projects and donating relief items of poverty-stricken families.

Caritas Freetown is engaged in several workforce development and training initiatives that prepared and support Sierra Leonean families and youth.

Last week, with the support and coordination of Caritas Freetown, rehabilitation work of Connaught Hospital’s Ward 9 became a success.

Upon completion of the rehabilitation, the Executive Director of Caritas Freetown, the Reverend Father Peter Konteh visited the site as part of the organization’s monitoring and evaluation process.

Father Konteh and team were received by Dr. Kisitu Sheku Daoh, the medical superintendent of Connaught Hospital.   Dr. Daoh said the rehabilitation work has made the ward magnificent.

The hospital leadership said, the entire hospital management and staff are impressed with the support and the work of Caritas Freetown in assisting the hospital and community.

Support for the rehabilitation work at the hospital was a tripartite partnership to serve humanity comprising the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the Healey International Relief Foundation and Caritas Freetown.

Father Koneth, left and and team visit Connaught Hospital

On behalf of the hospital’s management and staff, Dr. Daoh expressed thanks and appreciation to all the organizations that have support and contributed to the project.

For his part, the Executive Director of Caritas, Father Konteh said he said the Catholic Church of Sierra Leone through Caritas Freetown remains engaged in supporting community development and assisting the people of Sierra Leone in all dimensions.  Father Konteh also praised the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, the Healey International Relief Foundation for their ongoing support and partnership and thanked the staff of Caritas Freetown for the commitment and work ethics.

Caritas Freetown is a part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Freetown headed by His Grace Edward Tamba Charles, Metropolitan archbishop of Sierra Leone.Since taking over the Archdiocese of Freetown and as head of the Catholic Church of Sierra Leone, Archbishop Charles has led the faithful in the country harmoniously.  He encouraged a life of prayer and devotion as well as focused on his attention to alleviating hardship and poverty, encouraging and supporting education, championing social justice and human rights and democratic freedoms through institutional engagements.

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