The rice and rights riot: social struggle and the quest for an alternative society in Liberia

By Alfred P. B. Kiadii 40 years ago Monrovia erupted. The masses of ordinary Liberians, students, workers—people considered by the…

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The Beginning of the End of Erdogan’s Era

By Alon Ben-Meir The result of the recent municipal elections in Turkey represents a major shift in public sentiment toward…

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Liberian-American Relations: Do Liberians Really Know and Comprehend the Spirit of America?

By Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor Mr. Yorgo Mullenax, a realtor, said in one of his blogs, when someone asked him whether…

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President Weah’s SONA Crumbles in Deceit, Empty Promises, and False Hope

Proponents of social justice and academic freedom, militant campaigners of popular power and genuine democracy,  sons and daughters of the…

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Ex-US President Barack Obama’s hard-hitting Speech at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa

African leaders must listen and learn from this speech if the continent is to move forward in the years, decades…

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Amazon CEO Bezos and wife to end 25-year marriage

SAN FRANCISCO––Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who is the wealthiest man in the world, said Wednesday that he and his wife…

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Chinese researchers use AI to explore diabetes classification

BEIJING––Chinese researchers are using artificial intelligence (AI) to classify different types of diabetes, which may help Chinese patients obtain more…

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Travel Bonanza in Weah-led Government: The Emergence of a New Cartel in Liberia – A Camarilla of ‘Pro-Poor’ Mafias

Across the landscape of Africa’s oldest independent nation and the World’s fourth most impoverished country, it appears like a new…

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Eugene L. Fahngon Continues to Embarrass President Weah and the CDC

President George Weah, you need to show strong leadership and ask Deputy Minister Eugene L. Fahngon to either resign or…

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An Unmerited Accolade: Arsene Wenger and Claude Marie LeRoy Do Not Deserve Liberia’s Highest Honor

Even France could not give both Arsene Wenger and Claude LeRoy its least honor for their contribution to football in…

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