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THE “REAL” DECEIVERS – A Globe Afrique Investigation into the Liberia Section of “The Deceivers”

THE "REAL" DECEIVERS - An Exclusive Investigation by Globe Afrique Media Download THE REAL DECEIVERS- A Globe Afrique Exclusive final version Update: In light of new information – we revisit the “Real Deceivers” – how the Sirleafs duped Liberia and Wasted nearly $2 million dollars investigating nothing! Introduction Global Witness investigates and reports on matters of governance in developing countries, but there appears to be no record of a report by Global Witness about good things done by any developing country. Investigations by Global Witness are almost always directed at showing the bad sides of governance of a developing...

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Liberia Is Dying

Subtle whining is being echoed by the people in certain quarters of Monrovia regarding the lip service of the “pro-poor” leadership to deliver public goods and limit public bad. In less than two months, contradictions are rearing their ugly heads in a somewhat unorthodox way, exposing the change mantra as a façade. It is so surprising to some that the new leadership has speedily disintegrated in less than two months, in a way which has further exposed the political farce. Fresh from the electoral process, the people of Liberia desperate for change, according to the country’s electoral body, the...

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People Are Sticking Needles in Their Ears to Treat Addiction

Acudetox is finding its place in a small but growing number of addiction treatment centers in the United States. Andres Demoya recently found himself sitting with needles sticking out of his ears. The 33-year-old Florida resident was in treatment to end an opioid addiction that began six years ago, following pain from a car accident and was experiencing an ear acupuncture treatment as part of a comprehensive detox program. “I didn’t expect it to make a difference,” he says. After all, coming off the drugs had left him restless and mentally muddled, and stress was exacerbating his chronic lower...

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Tourism and Economic Growth in Liberia: Supporting Musons Group, Inc and the Assistant Minister for Tourism

Introduction In ten consecutive annual messages, former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf made assurances to the Liberian people that she would expand and diversify the Liberian economy by shifting focus from its dependency on the extractive industries[1] to other potential revenue-generating sectors including tourism. From 2014 – 2016, the Government of Liberia embarked on a five-year strategic plan called the Liberian National Export Strategy on Tourism (LNEST). The project was prepared with technical assistance from the International Trade Center and financial support from the EIF. The project was spearheaded by the Information Minister and the Minister for Commerce. While the strategy...

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President George M. Weah Swindles in Mediocrity—Appoints Degenerates

By Leon M. Talery I have been in the vanguard of the struggle for the dignity of most of the people whose prosperity have been blurred and aspiration sapped by the venom of corruption and misrule orchestrated by elements in the ruling clique whose penchant for wealth far surpasses their interest in the people. Such status quo has made a nation founded by liberated Africans under the insignia of freedom to wallow at the lowest rung of global development indices. This miasma has made the Republic of Liberia to straddle in the doldrums of the paradox of plenty. As...

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MONROVIA – A Few years ago, two very valuable Liberian maritime experts, Charles N. Wolo and Christian G. Herbert, both my personal friends and heroes, lost their lives. They died working in professions that were not their calling and first choice. Charles died, having served as a math teacher for more than fifteen years with a Texas School District, while Christian died working as an official at the Ministry of Public Works. These two Liberians were among only 4,654 World Maritime University (WMU) graduates from 167 countries across the globe and thousands of others from its sister institution, International Maritime...

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The Government of Liberia: How to increase civil servant’s productivity 100 times without requiring 100 times more resources

The Government of Liberia’s Center for Innovation As part of the Government of Liberia’s approach to addressing recent macroeconomic shocks including a drop in real GDP growth to -1.6 percent and a decline in net foreign currency inflows, President-elect George Weah’s administration is now responsible for continuing the austerity measures imposed by the International Monetary Fund. These steps include a hiring freeze outside health and education and a reduction in travel allowances. Now, considering the number of challenges facing the incoming administration in health, education, and infrastructure, President-elect Weah’s government needs to immediately adopt a management approach that increases...

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After the Dutch Merchant of Death, the Mother of the NPFL

MY TURN: Next after the Dutch Merchant of Death Guss Kouwenhoven will be the Mother of the rebel army NPFL Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the chief architect and confessed mastermind of the 14-year Liberian genocidal holocaust. In the meantime, my confidential sources in the U.S. intelligence have confirmed that the former Defense Minister of the rebel army NPFL, Mr. Tom Woewiyu, who the U.S. authorities placed under house arrest in Philadelphia, will go on trial February 26, 2018 in Philadelphia for falsifying his U.S. immigration application about his past that he never committed human rights abuses and war crimes. Remember, Tom Woewiyu’s historic...

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