Liberia Is Dying

Subtle whining is being echoed by the people in certain quarters of Monrovia regarding the lip service of the “pro-poor”…

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People Are Sticking Needles in Their Ears to Treat Addiction

Acudetox is finding its place in a small but growing number of addiction treatment centers in the United States. Andres…

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Tourism and Economic Growth in Liberia: Supporting Musons Group, Inc and the Assistant Minister for Tourism

Introduction In ten consecutive annual messages, former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf made assurances to the Liberian people that she would expand…

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President George M. Weah Swindles in Mediocrity—Appoints Degenerates

By Leon M. Talery I have been in the vanguard of the struggle for the dignity of most of the…

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MONROVIA – A Few years ago, two very valuable Liberian maritime experts, Charles N. Wolo and Christian G. Herbert, both my…

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The Government of Liberia: How to increase civil servant’s productivity 100 times without requiring 100 times more resources

The Government of Liberia’s Center for Innovation As part of the Government of Liberia’s approach to addressing recent macroeconomic shocks…

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After the Dutch Merchant of Death, the Mother of the NPFL

MY TURN: Next after the Dutch Merchant of Death Guss Kouwenhoven will be the Mother of the rebel army NPFL…

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Is Liberia’s President Manipulating the Presidential Elections?

Some may argue that Liberia is more democratic today than at any time in its history, but the country’s 2017…

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Former Foreign Minister of Senegal Arrested in New York, Charged with Bribing High-Level African Officials

The charges and allegations in the complaint are merely accusations.  All defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a…

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Effects of lack of exercise

Lack of exercise causes many problems with, little or no exercise, you are more at risk for heart disease. Inactive…

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