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Sierra Leone: Ruling APC and main opposition SLPP named presidential picks

WEST AFRICA–– Sierra Leone’s two historical and traditional rival political parties have christened their presidential candidates and vice–presidential candidates to stand in a crucial election in March 2018. Political commentators and international election experts say the country’s ongoing process illustrates a standard of stability since the end of its civil conflict in 2002. Foreign Minister Samura Kamara and the deputy speaker of parliament, Chernor Maju Bah, have been named by President Ernest Bai Koroma to lead the All People’s Congress (APC) party as the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for next year’s poll. Sources in the APC told Globe Afrique...

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He Was the Face of Liberia’s Endless War. Now He Wants to Govern.

Joseph Duo throwing candy to a crowd after a campaign speech last week in Grand Bassa County, Liberia. Credit: Carielle Doe for The New York Times By CLAIR MacDOUGALL Culled from the New York Times ZANGAR TOWN, Liberia — Joseph Duo edged his yellow taxi toward the river and boarded a canoe with stacks of grimy Liberian dollars and a backpack full of fliers promising more food, free education and better clinics. He marched down a damp muddy path, until the forest parted into a poor village named Zangar Town. His message was simple: Vote for me. Fourteen years ago, Mr....

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George Weah Maintains Lead in Liberia’s Election

Photo: George M. Weah in blue Monrovia (Globe Afrique) – Ex-footballer George Weah continued his lead in Liberia’s Presidential election as the counting of ballots moves into the weekend. Observers from the United States, European Union, and the Carter Center have applauded the Liberian people for displaying a sincere commitment to holding peaceful elections. Elections are the most critical path a country must follow in a democracy. It allows the citizens to express their interests and select an individual they believe is the best to lead them. In many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially nations like Liberia, with its...

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Liberia awaits results in problem-hit vote to replace Sirleaf

Media: Culled from Agence France-Presse (AFP) Monrovia, Oct 11, 2017 (AFP) – Counting was under way in Liberia on Wednesday amid reports of problems during a peaceful vote to determine President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s successor after 12 years. The first official results from the presidential and legislative elections are expected later Wednesday from the National Elections Commission (NEC), which has already suggested that turnout was high for Liberia’s first democratic transfer of power in seven decades. Some voters who appeared at the wrong polling station or were registered more than once were unable to cast their ballot on Tuesday,...

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Electoral Chief: Liberia’s presidential poll successful

LIBERIA, WEST AFRICA –– No serious disturbance has been narrated so far as polls opened and closed Tuesday for Liberians to elect a new president, the country’s electoral institution chief said. Voters in the West African nation waited and strolled in long queues across the country to vote for a new president and 73 members of the country’s legislature in the election. The head of the National Elections Commission, Jerome Korkoya, said the general elections in Liberia have been successful, except for what he described as “pockets of incidents” that emerged from misperception on the part of voters. He...

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Sirleaf Confused; Switches Support to a New Presidential Candidate

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Breaking News New York ––As international condemnation mounts, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in the process of switching her political support to the candidacy of Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. in the last few days to the presidential poll which takes place on Tuesday, October 10, 2017. Globe Afrique has learned that the Liberian leader is currently in a confused state of mind. Worrying about the future of she and her family’s fate after January 2018 when she turns over power to a newly elected president after the October 10 presidential election,  and the Liberian leader...

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Liberty Party Introduces Liberia’s First Robo-calling System

It’s quite apparent, voters in Liberia want to hear the voice and a personal message from presidential candidates. Since candidates cannot be everywhere at once and cannot call every registered voter, Liberty party solved this quagmire by successfully introducing Liberia’s first political campaign robo-call system. According to data delivered to Globe Afrique by Kennedy and Williams, LLC, the firm involved in developing the system, Liberty Party’s robo-call system made thousands of calls to residents in various parts of Liberia on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Roughly 95 percent of the calls were answered and the 36 seconds message was listened to in...

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United States Concerned Over Charles Taylor’s Involvement in Liberia’s Presidential Election

Ex-Liberian Warlord President Charles Taylor, here being arrested and sent to The Hague In an article on BBC NEWS titled Is Ex-warlord Charles Taylor pulling Liberia’s election strings from prison? Reporter Charlotte Attwood explores the unlikely coalition between former footballer George Weah, a candidate in Liberia’s presidential election, and former warlord Charles Taylor’s ex-wife Jewel Howard Taylor, who is running as the vice-presidential candidate. Sources within the Trump administration stated, it’s troubling how quickly Liberians have forgotten their terrifying civil war including the rape of women and young girls along with the events that led to, at least, 250,000...

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