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5 Reasons Tourism Will Boost and Diversify Liberia’s Economy

It is a well-known fact that development of the tourism industry in many African countries could lead to sustainable development. Furthermore, many development experts believe the tourism industry could also help diversify the economies of countries like Liberia and nations that are wholly reliant on extractive industries. Drawing from research on international development and economic diversification, this post identifies five reasons tourism could be a tool to help diversify and boost Liberia’s economy. 1. Stimulate Economic Growth According to data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism makes up the largest service industry in the world and its...

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In a bid to fight pollution, Kenya ban on plastic bags paying off

East Africa — The Kenyan government is taking environmental issues and concerns very seriously, especially in the wake of the harm being posed by pollution and environmental neglect. The new law has reduced the number plastic bags being thrown in the streets in the country since the regulation took effect. A ban on plastic bags came into force this week in Kenya and anyone found in violation of the ban could be given a maximum fine of $38,000 or serve a four-year jail term, according a government release. The Kenyan ban on plastic bags came into force in a bid to slow pollution, with offenders liable to jail time or hefty fines. Kenya joins a list of several dozen African countries that seek to ban plastic bags that environmentalists say harm both soil and water, and ruin tourist sites. An estimated 24 million plastic bags are used each month in Kenya, with the population littering most used plastic bags on roadsides and in turn clog sewers and streams. It is now illegal to use, manufacture, or import plastic bags in Kenya, according to a new policy and government regulation that goes into effect this week. The new regulation would require offenders to be fined as much as $38,000, or serve up to four years in jail. Visitors and others travelers entering into Kenya with plastic bags will have to...

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Thousands to evacuate Niger’s capital after rains

West Africa —–Thousands of residents in Niger on Sunday were urged to evacuate homes vulnerable to heavy rains that lashed Niamey, following floods that have killed 16 people in the capital since June. “I am calling on all residents to evacuate the flood zones and immediately leave homes that are close to collapsing,” Soumana Ali Zataoua, the governor of the Niamey region said in a televised address. Several homes at risk are situated in the former bed of the Gountou–Yena river. Abdoulaye Bako, head of the national civil protection agency, said the area is filled with water. “Several neighborhoods...

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Pope Francis urges end to violence against innocent Victims

The Holy Father, Pope Francis ROME- The Holy Father, Pope Francis has called for an end to the “inhuman violence” that has targeted innocent people in Burkina Faso, Spain and Finland in recent weeks. He begged God to “free the world from this inhuman violence.” More than eighteen people were killed in the Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou a week ago when Islamic extremists gunned down patrons at a popular restaurant. In Spain, affiliates of an extremist cell mowed down pedestrians in Barcelona and a nearby seaside resort, killing 14 and injuring more than 120. In Finland on Friday, an...

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Earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred off Liberian Coast

Breaking News West Africa – The Government of Liberia has issued a release saying an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale occurred approximately 880 kilometers off the coast of the country early this morning. Meanwhile, the government urged its citizens and residents to remain calm as various concerned agencies monitor the situation. The release issued under the signature of the country’s minister of Information, honorable Lenn Eugene Nagbe said the United States Geological Services which is monitoring the situation has provided useful information to the Liberian administration. In the past few years, the Liberian administration issued bids to...

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Flooding sweeps through Sierra Leone’s capital, 312 dead

BREAKING NEWS West Africa–– Sustained flooding has hit Sierra Leone over the weekend to early Monday, killing hundreds of people and destroying massive number of properties. At least 312 people were killed and more than 2,000 left homeless on Monday when heavy flooding hit the West African nation’s capital Freetown.  Eye witnesses say several morgues are overflowing and residents are desperately searching for loved ones. Observers say bodies are being carried away and houses submerged in two areas of the city, where roads turned into mixing rivers of mud and corpses washed up on the streets. Patrick Massaquoi, a...

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Joint military, police task force to stop illegal mining in Ghana

Illegal Miners in Ghana West Africa (Globe Afrique) – On Monday this week, the Ghanaian government ordered a joint military and police task force to limit illegal mining. The 400-member joint force has been deployed in the Ashanti, Eastern and Western regions of the country where the situation is severe. President Nana Akufo-Addo recapped his administration’s pledge to ending illicit mining activities. The task force known as ‘Operation Vanguard’ comes barely one month after 24 people were trapped and killed in mining pits in the Ashanti and Western Regions of the country. The Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and...

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Did Chevron Violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Liberia?

WHY DID CHEVRON GIVE ROBERT A. SIRLEAF FOUNDATION US$10.5 MILLION DOLLARS IN LIBERIA?  Some two to three years ago, news of Liberia being suitable for off-shore oil exploration and drilling was widespread and several foreign oil companies landed in the country to seek permits for exploration and drilling operations. One of those companies was US oil giant Chevron. According to several international investigations and reports, especially a more detailed report authored by the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), Chevron is said to have given a local private foundation belonging to the son of Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirelaf US$10.5 million...

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