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Martha Stewarts and Snoop Dogg Turn it Steamy

New York – The public got a glance of ageless beauty and the real act of socialite’s maneuvering over the past days when Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg took their public stunt in a whole new direction. Lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg both co-host a food show, but there is just one thing the duo wants their millions of viewers to see, know and understand: They have chemistry in the kitchen. While promoting the show’s second season, the Emmy-nominated hosts recreated an iconic and sensual scene from the film “Ghost.” In the promo, instead of caressing,...

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South Sudan in Crisis as Famine is Declared

Some women arrived to have children examined in a clinic in northern South Sudan (Picture: UNICEF) North Africa –-Famine has been declared in two counties of South Sudan according to an announcement from the South Sudan government and three United Nations agencies.  They claim the tragedy is a direct result of a prolonged civil war and a continuing economic crisis. Around 100,000 people are on the verge of starvation while more than 40% of the country’s population, five million people, are in need of urgent help. More than one million children are suffering from acute malnutrition, meaning they are at risk...

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Ethiopian Shoe Designer to Open Coffee Shop

Bethlehem Alemu quit her day job in 2005 and founded SoleRebels; a shoe company that is big on using recycled material and scraps of rubber to create their products. Today, Alemu’s shoes are being sold worldwide by bigger companies such as Amazon, Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods.  In 2016 alone, over 120,000 pairs of shoes were sold. Alemu founded SoleRebels feeling she had to do something about the poverty and unemployment in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.  Growing up in Ethiopia Alemu saw the way people went about their everyday lives and decided that if she owned a company,...

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Why world leaders MUST act on the crisis in northeast Nigeria

The world is facing multiple crises right now, but many of these crises aren’t getting the attention they deserve—including the 49,000 children in northeast Nigeria that will die of starvation by the end of the year without emergency food aid. World leaders are gathered in New York today for an emergency meeting to address the crisis in northeast Nigeria. These leaders must step up and address the immediate need, as well as pave a path toward long-term solutions. “In Borno state in northeastern Nigeria, where I visited just a few weeks ago, they are warning that 49,000 kids will...

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China Helping Africa; But Also Harming Africans with Fake Food, Goods etc.

Monrovia, Liberia – China is not just shipping cheap and unnecessary goods to Africa, the Chinese are also shipping unhealthy food to the continent in addition to wasteful workers. Generally, illnesses like cancer were uncommon in many African countries because most African eat healthy. But with the advent and massive flow of Chinese goods and food, cancer and respiratory diseases are becoming common in several African communities. However, this is not the real problem faced by Africa, a continent where unemployment is extreme and where jobs are hard to find. The Chinese are sending over their citizens to seek and obtain employment that ordinary and unskilled Africans would like to have. In Kenya, Chinese are engaged in all kinds of employment and small business activities.  In Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Chinese are street peddlers, small shop owners and even cooks and dishwashers. They are selling sand and quarry etc. The flow of Chinese of laborers in several African countries increases unemployment in those countries but given the high level of corruption and greed by most African leaders and bureaucrats who rely on Chinese foreign aid for virtually every development efforts, the status quo is fine. Chinese are not the only ones seeking avenue of employment for their citizens in Africa.  Per sources and fact findings, several so-called international nonprofit organization working in Africa are mainly serving as employment...

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Achieving Nutrition Security: A call for leadership, partnership and investment, remarks by Kofi Annan

By Kofi Annan on 23.05.2016 inPanel NewsSpeeches Remarks by Kofi Annan, chair of the Africa Progress Panel, at the side event ‘Call to Action: Achieving Nutritional Security – Feed Africa and Better Quality of life’ of the 2016 African Development Bank’s Annual Meetings, Lusaka, Zambia. Ministers, President Adesina, distinguished ladies and gentlemen – good morning. Let me begin by saying that I am delighted to see all of you here in support of greater leadership, partnership, and investment for nutrition security. This is an exciting time for nutrition. We have global consensus on what targets we need to reach...

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How Bad Are Food Allergies? We Don’t Know, Experts Say

BY: MAGGIE FOX More Americans than ever before say they have food allergies, but there’s in fact not much evidence to back this up, a panel of top experts said Wednesday. They say parents, patients and doctors alike are a little mixed up about what constitutes a true food allergy. And there’s not a good simple test to show when someone’s truly allergic, the experts appointed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine said in a new report. About 5 percent of U.S. children have food allergies, per the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “Eight...

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Kenya: agriculture is paired with high-tech solutions

While the rest of Africa is struggling with innovation and entrepreneurship development, Kenya is leading the way in technology development on the continent. Young entrepreneurs in Kenya, encouraged by their government, believe that when agriculture is paired with high-tech solutions on mobile phones, there is significant benefits. Today, many young Kenyans are seeing the benefits of staying in the villages to farm. The Kenya government is marked improvement in this area by motivating private sector development rather than creating hundreds of jobs for political affiliates and cronies. With innovation and support, the private sector can create jobs and relieve...

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