Africa’s is food insecure mainly due to bad governance, but there are other factors, too

NEW YORK – On the whole, leadership failure and bad governance contribute to food insecurity in Africa.    Approximately 27.4% of…

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Food Insecurity and conflict in Africa

PRETORIA, South Africa – dozens of countries in Africa are food insecure due to bad governance, climatic conditions and conflicts.…

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Agricultural Expert urges Kenya to promote smallholder farming for food security

NAIROBI, Kenya – Agricultural expert Layla Liebetrau has urged the government of Kenya to promote smallholder farming in order to…

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Top 10 Most Delicious Dishes in Africa

The diversity of African cuisine can be compared to the diversity of culture and the ethnic groups inhabiting the continent.…

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China and India’s poor-quality drugs and products continue to end up in Africa, investigation finds

BRUSSELS, Belgium –-Africa is becoming victimized by unsafe and contaminated foreign export products due to the lack of a clearly…

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Zimbabwean white farmer returns to a hero’s welcome by former workers

A Zimbabwean farmer has returned to ululations and tears of joy from former workers and their families who were also…

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Martha Stewarts and Snoop Dogg Turn it Steamy

New York – The public got a glance of ageless beauty and the real act of socialite’s maneuvering over the…

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South Sudan in Crisis as Famine is Declared

Some women arrived to have children examined in a clinic in northern South Sudan (Picture: UNICEF) North Africa –-Famine has…

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Ethiopian Shoe Designer to Open Coffee Shop

Bethlehem Alemu quit her day job in 2005 and founded SoleRebels; a shoe company that is big on using recycled…

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