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Part I -My Take on Liberia’s Scheduled April 2020 Oil Blocks Bid Round

Christopher Z. Neyor, International Energy Expert, former CEO NOCAL PART 1 I was preparing public comments on the scheduled April…

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Liberia: Being an Immigrant Welcoming Nation Does Not Mean We Are Foolish

By Jones Nhinson Williams Most Liberians, including me, overwhelmingly support the naturalization of immigrants and the children of immigrants born…

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Liberia: The Demand for Legislative Oversight Must Go Beyond Being Called “Honorable”

By Jones Nhinson Williams In the Republic of Liberia, as in most, if not every democratic Country, legislators make up the…

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Liberia’s educational system needs to include patriotism and nationalism in its curriculum

By Jones Nhinson Williams The educational curriculum of Liberia needs an overhaul to reflect the dynamics of the changing global…

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Coronavirus hits Liberia, callous gov’t official first victim

MONROVIA, Liberia – The deadly coronavirus has hit Liberia, with the first victim being a Liberian government, the country’s Environmental…

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Liberia’s judiciary faces a test of time in dealing with ‘brutal police force’ vs. protesters

MONROVIA, Liberia – The Liberian judiciary which has had a daunting reputation and has been previously branded as corrupt, incompetent…

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Is Liberia melting in secret ‘agreements’ including its Senegal’s fishing pact?

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – In February 2019, it was nationally and internationally reported that Liberia allegedly secretly signed a fishing agreement…

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Liberia to enter a harsh recession after protests impact retail and other sectors

MONROVIA, Liberia – Liberia is set to enter a harsh and serious recession this month and possibly for the entire year…

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Influential clergy says Liberia’s ruling CDC party has a militant-terrorist wing

MONROVIA, Liberia – As tension and accusations permeate and unbound in Liberia, a senior Liberian clergyman, Dr. Samuel Reeves, accused…

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Int’l Financial experts concerned about Liberian lawmakers receiving a bribe to authorize the printing of new banknotes

NEW YORK – Several experts in the global financial market are quietly raising serious concerns about Liberia’s financial conditions, distortion…

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