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UN human rights expert launches official visit to assess freedom of expression in Liberia

PRESS RELEASE: The UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression, David Kaye, is carrying out his first official visit to Liberia this week to assess the situation of freedom of expression and access to information in the country. “This visit will help me identify Liberia’s current challenges and suggest law and policy changes that will strengthen the right to freedom of expression,” said Kaye. “The constitution strongly protects freedom of expression, but there is a recognition that the legal and institutional frameworks need to be reformed for this guarantee to be meaningful in practice, both for individuals and the...

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When the dust settles, President Weah will deliver for Liberia

Liberia’s president George M. Weah leads a national cleanup campaign When citizens evaluate a president’s character, they tend to view him or her through a prism of immediacy.  In Liberia, millions of citizens are hoping that President Weah answers their wishes and aspirations by delivering what has not been provided in and by the previous administration. It is fair to acknowledge that President Weah and his government inherited a nation that is not only struggling financially and economically but one that is also damaged in various fabrics of the society. Today, there is a strange and unusual mindset that...

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Operation ADWENPA III: Child Traffickers Caught in INTERPOL West Africa Operation

Nearly 40 people either being smuggled or trafficked for illicit labor were identified and rescued during an INTERPOL-coordinated operation to strengthen border controls in West Africa. Many of those rescued were unidentified minors who were being taken to work in illegal gold mines in Guinea. Others were individuals who had paid smugglers to get them to Europe via Libya. The eight-day (5 – 12 October) Operation Adwenpa III involved more than 100 officers at 23 sites across key land border and airports in eight countries – Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. More than...

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Global ‘False’ Witness Targets Nicaragua

Global Witness is a well-established environmental and human rights non-governmental organization based in Great Britain. As with several other very similar institutions, its stories frequently appear in the press as authoritative sources on international issues. Since the 1980s and, increasingly so, after the turn of the century, the status of NGOs as trustworthy and reliable information sources on foreign affairs has become increasingly unsound, flawed and on shaky ground as they have been more and more co-opted by personal interests and foreign governments to promote the Western elites’ neocolonial global policy agenda. Global false Witness in Nicaragua In the...

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‘We slept out in the open air like wild animals’

Commercial farmers have a responsibility to identify the impact of their operations to avoid causing, contributing to, or being complicit in human rights abuses, writes Nnoko-Mewanu [Reuters] By Juliana Nnoko-Mewanu “We slept out in the open air like wild animals. Our children fell sick because of the cold,” Felicia K told me. “We had not put up any proper structures. We were using leaves.” Felicia, a 52-year-old mother of 10, is one of many rural Zambians who has lost land, homes, and livelihoods when commercial farms displaced them. The Zambian government is promoting large-scale agricultural investment to diversify the...

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UN General Assembly elects 15 members-states into Human Rights Council

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK–– The UN General Assembly has elected fifteen countries into the United Nations Human Rights Council. Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Chile, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, Senegal, Slovakia, Spain, and Ukraine were elected in a vote on Monday, The elected countries will serve a three-year term beginning January 1, 2018. Among the 15 outgoing members — Albania, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, the Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Paraguay, Portugal, and Qatar — 11 members except for Botswana, the Republic of Congo, India and Indonesia were eligible...

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Nigerian president Buhari denounces Biafran secessionists, corruption

IPOB leader Nnamdi-Kanu, in white, second from left WEST AFRICA – Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari over the weekend lashed out against dissenters seeking Nigeria’s “dismemberment” as the country marked its 1960 independence from Britain. The Nigerian leader also said corruption remained the African oil giant’s “number one enemy.” Buhari said, “As a young army officer, I took part from the beginning to the end in our tragic civil war costing about two million lives, resulting in fearful destruction and untold suffering. “Those who are agitating for a rerun were not born by 1967 and have no idea of the...

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Cameroon Accused of forcibly deporting Nigerian refugees in danger

Cameroon illegally deported 100,000 Nigerian refugees seen here WEST AFRICA – Several international relief and rights organizations have accused the West Africa nation of Cameroon on Wednesday of forcibly returning some 100,000 Nigerian refugees back to hostile territories in violation of international treaties, hence, putting the vulnerable population in danger from Boko Haram Islamists. According to Human Rights Watch, “Since early 2015, the Cameroonian authorities have summarily deported at least 100,000 Nigerians living in remote border areas back to war, displacement and destitution in Nigeria’s Borno state.” Human Rights Watch said Nigerian refugees who had sought asylum within the...

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George Weah First 100 Days

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