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West African Nations Imposing Bans, Assets Freez of Guinea Junta

ACCRA, Ghana (AP) — West African leaders have decided to impose travel bans and freeze financial assets of members of…

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Ebola’s Cousin, the Deadly Marburg Virus Found in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea — At least four people have turned up as contacts of a man who died in Guinea from…

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Moses Thomas a Former Liberian Military Leader Found Liable for Church Massacre

A former Liberian military commander who supervised the slaughter of hundreds of unarmed civilians at a church during that country’s…

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What will $550 Thousand Per Year Lobbying in the U.S. Buy President Weah of Liberia?

The Return of Foreign Vulture Capitalists to Liberia According to data disclosed under the United States Foreign AgentsRegistration Act (FARA)…

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A Republic in Crisis – the Paralysis of a Failing Economy Under a Sophist of an Economist

A Rebuttal To Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah by Martin K. N. Kollie The free flow of traffic on Carey Street was obstructed…

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In 2020, Foreign Direct Investments to Liberia Remained Stagnant

NEW YORK – Today, the United Nations published its annual report on trade and development or foreign direct investments. Again,…

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Episode 1: George Weah, Ousmane Bamba, the Europeans, Russians, and How the 2017 Elections were Rigged

The second Liberian Republic has had a lot of ups and downs. Between 1980 and 2017, no presidential candidate has…

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ChuChu (Alex) Jones is Globe Afrique’s New Business and Economics Editor

NEW YORK – Chu-chu (Alex) Jones, a Liberian born financial analyst, and bank consultant would become Globe Afrique’s New Business…

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Lesotho ruling party asked PM to resign over wife’s murder

PRETORIA, South Africa – In Lesotho, the governing ABC party has asked Prime Minister Thomas Thabane to resign over allegations…

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UN Opens Anti-Corruption Conference

ABU DHABI – The UN anti-corruption conference opened on Monday in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.…

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