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Outspoken Student Activist Martin Kollie accuses Liberian government of denying him travel document, driver’s license

LAGOS, Nigeria – It appears things are becoming worse in Liberia for activists and human rights crusaders who are holding…

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The affluence of African presidency

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Poverty in Africa is the lack of provision to satisfy the basic human needs of certain people…

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Did married Liberian Catholic Priest Father Gabriel Sawyer speak truth about being sexually abused?

LAGOS, Nigeria – A Liberian Catholic priest, Father Gabriel Sawyer currently seeking an opportunity to stay in the United States,…

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas addresses retirement rumors

WASHINGTON — U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas joked Monday about the stresses of the job on the nation’s high court. Justice…

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As Kenyan security forces clash with al-Shabab suspects, 2 killed

NAIROBI, Kenya – News report from East Africa say two people were killed and an unknown number injured in clashes…

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United Nations Warns Africa to amend urban planning regulations

NAIROBI—An official of the United Nations on Thursday warned African governments to improve their urban planning regulations and policies to…

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Vehicle emissions leading cause of air pollution in Kigali: official

KIGALI—Officials in Rwanda say data on the sources of air pollution indicate vehicle emissions are the leading cause of air…

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Risk of Israeli-Iranian War Still Looms High

By Alon Ben-Meir This article is a short excerpt from my latest essay, Preventing an Israeli-Iran War, published in the…

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Egypt, China sign MoU to cooperate on vocational training

PARIS, France — On Sunday, March 31, 2019, China’s Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College, the Tianjin Transportation Vocational College…

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May could likely resign if Brexit deal is realized: new report

LONDON, UK––British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday agreed to step down after the Brexit deal is realized, local UK…

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