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An Unmerited Accolade: Arsene Wenger and Claude Marie LeRoy Do Not Deserve Liberia’s Highest Honor

Even France could not give both Arsene Wenger and Claude LeRoy its least honor for their contribution to football in France. On Friday, August 24, 2018, Liberia will bestow its highest honor on two foreign football managers who hail from France. Liberia under ex-Soccer Legend George M. Weah will decorate Arsene Wenger and Claude Marie François Le Roy for contributing to his football career. The 68-year-old Frenchman Arsene Wenger will be inducted into the Order of Distinction with the title of Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption – The Highest Honor. The 70-year-old Coach Claude...

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Primary Education: The Wisest Investment for Government, Partners and Parents

Liberian school kids seen here, need to develop reading skills A speech delivered at the Graduation Ceremony of the Belenie Christian Foundation School System 72nd Junction, Somalia Drive, Paynesville City August 20, 2017 By Martin K. N. Kollie Guest Speaker / Youth & Student Activist   The Principal and Board of Trustees of Belenie Christian Foundation School System The VP for Administration and VP for Instruction The Dean of Student Affairs The Faculty and Support Staff Parents, Guardians and Sponsors Government Official here present Our graduates and precious jewels Members of the Press Distinguished guests Ladies and gentlemen: I...

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A Political Retort to one Kwame Clements

Shattering the Mausoleum of Historical Prejudice—a Political Retort to one Kwame Clements Kwame Clements aka Franklin Moore, I find your rant against Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr. and his accomplices of progressive leaning, as a futile attempt to provide not only historical falsification, but also revisionist prejudice to the readership of this forum. However, I am not surprised in the least at the infantile gibberish peddled by you in stark contrast to the fact. Going forward, I will elect to deconstruct the lies you hurled against these decent patriots and nationalists but with keen emphasis on Dr. Fahnbulleh. In...

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After Fifty Years of Occupation, What’s Next: An open letter to President Mahmoud Abbas

Dear President Abbas, Last week I sent an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, criticizing him in the strongest terms for pursuing policies that prolong the occupation of the West Bank rather than searching for ways to end it by resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on a two-state solution. I must hasten to say, however, that you, along with Hamas’ leaders, have contributed your own share to the continuation of the occupation that has deepened the plight of the Palestinian people. I have always and continue to oppose the occupation, and place the blame largely on right-wing Israeli governments...

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The Unfinished Six Day War: An open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, Since you celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the victory of the Six Day War, did you ponder what this triumph has done to the Palestinian people and to the moral character of the state of Israel? I am not sure how harshly history will judge you, but one thing is certain—I, like millions of Jews around the world, deeply believe that no prime minister of Israel has done more damage to the country’s future security and wellbeing than you have. The sad irony is that for you, the facts on the ground are freely expungable...

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Open Letter To President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

June 14, 2017 Her Excellency Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf President and CIC Republic of Liberia   Ref: Reclaiming Our Economy by Domestically Empowering Local Companies: The Best Answer to Achieving Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals 2030 – A Call to Withdraw US$59.5 million Pre-Financing Loan Agreement in favor of a foreign company.   Dear President Sirleaf: In pursuit of our nation’s ultimate interest and the overall welfare of its people, my salutation is all yours, Madam President. Since your ascendancy as Head of State on January 16, 2006, this is my fourth letter I am addressing directly to your office. In the midst of mounting challenges, ranging from unimaginable corruption to acute poverty, silence can never be an option for us as advocates. Our shared demonstration of love and loyalty to this country remains undiluted. It is with this unquenched and patriotic desire to always seek a NEW LIBERIA through genuine advocacy, we have stood up and standing up even now to confront visible odds that continue to threaten our sovereignty, survivability and commonality as a nation and a people. We dare not economize with prevailing facts as voices of truth. Therefore, we forward this communication to you in good faith. Madam President, I read a headline story published in The In Profile Daily Newspaper on May 29, 2017 titled “Questionable Contracts”. This publication is implicating Ministry of Public Works...

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Open Letter to Chairman Jerome G. Kokoya of NEC

Amb. Martin K. N. Kollie Youth Ambassador International Human Rights Commission IHCR March 4, 2017   Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya (LLB. LLM. JD) Chairman National Elections Commission Republic of Liberia   A Patriotic Call to Extend the VR process by 2-Weeks Dear Cllr. Korkoya: In an effort to sustain long-lasting peace, uphold democratic values, promote national unity and pursue a new era of social justice and economic parity through patriotism, nationalism and fraternal love, I reverently extend my sincere compliments and courtesy to you and your fellow commissioners. With a common sense of putting Liberia first always and in...

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Voters’ Hesitation in the Ensuing 2017 Election: “The Case of the VR Process”

On February 8, 2017, a week after the voter registration process started, the National Election Commission (NEC) declares to have registered one million Liberians across 15 counties, 73 electoral districts, and 2,080 registration centers (New Dawn Online, 2017). This claim comes amid a  plethora of challenges and limitations the Commission is facing, including, for example, insufficient resources, unqualified VR staff, unsatisfactory awareness and sensitization campaigns, equipment malfunctions and lack of security personnel at some VR centers. From the day the Commission released the registration information, many Liberians found it difficult to trust and accept. Moreover, the Commission is considering an extension of the VR process. But here is the thing about these elections, thousands of our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters both in rural and urban communities across Liberia who are eligible voters, are hesitant about this whole voter registration process and are angry and disenchanted over the entire election. By that, I mean, their vote has not produced any positive change in their living conditions. Some even hold the view that most of our politicians are liars and that they all do not mean well for this country. In this case, what do we do as ordinary citizens, politicians, advocates, NEC officials, etc.? That is the question that we must ask ourselves now and come up with a solution that will mitigate this situation. To mitigate this problem,...

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