Letters to the Editor

An Unmerited Accolade: Arsene Wenger and Claude Marie LeRoy Do Not Deserve Liberia’s Highest Honor

Even France could not give both Arsene Wenger and Claude LeRoy its least honor for their contribution to football in…

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Primary Education: The Wisest Investment for Government, Partners and Parents

Liberian school kids seen here, need to develop reading skills A speech delivered at the Graduation Ceremony of the Belenie…

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A Political Retort to one Kwame Clements

Shattering the Mausoleum of Historical Prejudice—a Political Retort to one Kwame Clements Kwame Clements aka Franklin Moore, I find your…

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After Fifty Years of Occupation, What’s Next: An open letter to President Mahmoud Abbas

Dear President Abbas, Last week I sent an open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, criticizing him in the strongest terms…

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The Unfinished Six Day War: An open letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu, Since you celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the victory of the Six Day War, did you…

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Open Letter To President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

June 14, 2017 Her Excellency Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf President and CIC Republic of Liberia   Ref: Reclaiming Our Economy by Domestically…

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Open Letter to Chairman Jerome G. Kokoya of NEC

Amb. Martin K. N. Kollie Youth Ambassador International Human Rights Commission IHCR March 4, 2017   Cllr. Jerome George Korkoya…

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Voters’ Hesitation in the Ensuing 2017 Election: “The Case of the VR Process”

On February 8, 2017, a week after the voter registration process started, the National Election Commission (NEC) declares to have…

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