U.S. Election: Black Women Seize Political Spotlight

AP, MARIETTA, GA — Americans are preparing to choose a leader and a path through a time of great division…

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Venezuela: A Nation in Turmoil

Following months of COVID-19 lockdowns that ended one of the world’s most significant migration as of late, Venezuelans are by…

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When a “fake” Legal Scholar (Senator Dillon) Meets a “Real” Legal Scholar: An Analysis of Counselor Reeves’ Senate Confirmation Hearing

Monrovia, July 11, 2020 – Confirmation hearings in developed and underdeveloped countries are similar in two areas – they are…

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Curtailing the Criminal Use of Shell Companies in Liberia

By: Alexander Cuffy This article delves into the criminal use of shell companies (or corporations) in Liberia. It is a…

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Liberia: How Did It Get To Be This Bad?

By Edward DoeGlobe Afrique Opinion Columnist The world has grown numb to Liberia’s seemingly endless corruption, crime and crisis —…

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German Embassy in S. Leone supports Caritas Freetown’s COVID19 Efforts

BRUSSELS, Belgium – The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Freetown, Sierra Leone, has provided financial and material…

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Ghana’s Presidential Conundrum, Economy and Upcoming Elections

By Chu-Chu Alex Jones Coronavirus or not, Ghanaians would go to the voting polls this December to elect or reelect…

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Catholic priest urges Sierra Leoneans to unite, promote peace and development

WASHINGTON, DC – A prominent Catholic priest in Sierra Leone has called on Sierra Leoneans to redirect their vision, thinking,…

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50 Years of Earth Day: Will We Have 100?

By Kimberlee HurleyToday is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Started in 1970 in the wake of a number of…

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Tolbert Nyenswah is flat wrong on COVID -19 Lockdown in Africa, Liberia

By Jones Nhinson Williams Like some Liberians, I too have subterranean respect for Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah.  Apart from being the…

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