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Guinean Hides in Michigan Church to Avoid Deportation

A West African man with a genetic kidney disease has taken refuge in an Ann Arbor church to avoid deportation. Mohamed Soumah will die without regular dialysis treatments. His native Guinea lacks adequate equipment and training for proper treatment. The 44-year-old University of Michigan employee has lived in the U.S. for 15 years, married an American woman and has two native-born children. But they separated. And for seven years he’s had to apply for yearly work visas, which were all approved — until recently. He was going to be deported last month, but ended up in the hospital instead....

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Political Unrest in Guinea

Two young men were fatally shot amid continuing political unrest following the disputed results of this West African country’s first municipal elections in 13 years, authorities said Thursday. The two were killed at a demonstration in the capital city of Conakry on Wednesday night, according to police and opposition officials. Protesters have called on the government to release what they consider to be the true results of the poll. After years of waiting, the municipal elections were held in February. More than 100 people have died in the ongoing political violence following that vote. “The party in power stole...

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COCUBOMB Vehemently condemns the unconstitutional arrest of Hipco Musician A4doe

Press Statement for Immediate Release September 23, 2018 The Concerned Citizens United to Bring Our Money Back (COCUBOMB) vehemently condemns the Government of Liberia under President George M. Weah for arbitrarily arresting popular Hipco Rapper and a lead campaigner (A4doe) who sang the song “Bring Our Container Back.” The musician who is currently imprisoned at the Zone 8 Police Station in ELWA was picked up last night by State Security. A4doe and his colleague Kpanto were assaulted before the said arrest was made. Kpanto who narrowly escaped broke the news on his Facebook page (Skinnyboi Kpanto SkinnyKing). COCOBOMB frowns...

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Liberia: A Failure to Audit Means You Own Anything That Happens Under Your Watch

NEW YORK, Corruption and economic crimes in the newly installed government of President George M. Weah of Liberia have hit biblical proportions.  Over the past 48 hours, Liberia has been engulfed in one of the most audacious economic crimes in the country’s history. Nearly LD$16 billion dollars intended for the Central Bank of Liberia have mysteriously disappeared. The Minister of Information, Eugene Nagbe, who also served in the administration of former president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf blames his former boss’s administration for the theft. Mr. Nagbe also issued a statement barring fifteen individuals from leaving the country. Madam Sirleaf has vehemently denied...

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Pleading for Foreign Aid, A Poor Economy, Hiring Riva Levinson: Weah Repeat Ellen’s Failed Strategies and Expect Different Results

“A fair and just measure of the effectiveness of any economic policy is the living standard of the people” McGill, 2016.  LIBERIA, In late February 2018, President Weah convened his first Cabinet Meeting. During the meeting, he mandated a “comprehensive needs assessment of all Ministries” with an expectation that those ministries and agencies would present a report to him within two weeks – Liberians are still waiting for the government to publish its findings. Today, the government of former soccer legend President George Weah hasn’t offered any meaningful economic or growth strategy nor a development roadmap on education, healthcare...

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Travel Bonanza in Weah-led Government: The Emergence of a New Cartel in Liberia – A Camarilla of ‘Pro-Poor’ Mafias

Across the landscape of Africa’s oldest independent nation and the World’s fourth most impoverished country, it appears like a new plot of state mafias is emerging under Soccer Legend turned President George M. Weah. This camarilla of ‘pro-poor’ pillagers seems overly prepared and well positioned to plunge Liberia into financial nullity and obscurity unremorsefully. Who is leading this clique of kleptocrats? Who is piloting this Coalition of Desperate Crooks (CDC)? The chief mastermind of this corporate spree and wealth-seeking escapade is Minister Samuel D. Tweah, Minister of Finance and Development Planning. Even though this Minister is yet to develop...

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Iran’s parliament impeaches key ministers over inefficiencies

Finance Minister Massoud Karbasian leaves after addressing the Iranian parliament for his impeachment process at the Iranian Parliament in Tehran, Iran. WASHINGTON, DC— Iranian lawmakers last week refused to give a vote of confidence to the Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Welfare Ali Rabiee as well as impeached the country’s minister of Finance and Economic Planning Massoud Karbasian The labor minister was impeached for the second time in less than five months over inefficiencies of his team while the finance and economy minister was criticized for mismanagement of “corporate insurance and workers’ problems.” Out of 243 lawmakers, 129 favored...

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As IS attacks, Libya’s Justice Ministry Urges Prosecution

NAIROBI, Kenya —In the wake of the Libyan Ministry of Justice ‘s call for an inquiry into sporadic attacks at multiple checkpoints throughout the country, Islamic State (IS) on Saturday claimed responsibility for Thursday’s and related attacks, especially the most recent attack on a security checkpoint in the western Libyan city of Zliten, which killed and injured security personnel. IS media arm Amaq said in a statement on Twitter that “A number of soldiers of the caliphate raided Wadi K’am checkpoint on Zliten road, targeting a gathering of security members of the infidel government. They clashed with them with...

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