Alexander Cummings, Musa Bility, and Guilt by Association

With Alexander Cummings pseudo clean image fully dirtied after allegations of documents tampering left his reputation scorched, one would think…

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Liberia Lobbies U.S. Senators to Qualify for MCC Funding Although the Country is an Eligible Candidate to Compete for the Grant

WASHINGTON, D.C., Deception and a total lack of understanding by the Liberian Delegation to Washington, D.C. show why the Government…

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Ebola’s Cousin, the Deadly Marburg Virus Found in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea — At least four people have turned up as contacts of a man who died in Guinea from…

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Moses Thomas a Former Liberian Military Leader Found Liable for Church Massacre

A former Liberian military commander who supervised the slaughter of hundreds of unarmed civilians at a church during that country’s…

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What will $550 Thousand Per Year Lobbying in the U.S. Buy President Weah of Liberia?

The Return of Foreign Vulture Capitalists to Liberia According to data disclosed under the United States Foreign AgentsRegistration Act (FARA)…

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The Real Debate Ahead of 2023 Electoral Reform

The real debate ahead of 2023 is electoral reform  By Martin K. N. Kollie Exiled Liberian Activist  CDC Presumptive Standard Bearer,…

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Former South African President Jacob Zuma Gets 15 Months in Prison

This is indeed a victory for all South Africans that have become (sick and tired) with those who have looted…

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Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh’s Attacks on the Liberian Judiciary and the Challenge We Must All Face

Comments and Analysis by Attorney Mark Jenkins from Greenville, Sinoe County. The former Associate Justice of the Honorable Supreme Court…

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Fight breaks out at African Union parliament

CAPE TOWN, South Africa | “I will kill you outside. Outside of this room, I will kill you. I will…

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Mali Coup: Are military takeovers on the rise in Africa?

Christopher Giles & Peter Mwai – BBC News Military coups have been a regular occurrence in Africa in the decades…

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