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ICC in jeopardy as the African Union and several African states turn away

A host of African nations led by South Africa, a one-time apartheid engrossed nation, are said to be turning away from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for what African heads of states and several political activists referred to as a selective prosecution of Africans and African leaders. The callous behavior of these African presidents seems to be supported by the toothless African Union. Kenya, Sudan, The Gambia, South Sudan and Burundi, all of which have leaders and politicians who have been accused of civil and human rights abuses against their citizens, are said to push for...

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South Africa’s war crime court withdrawal a setback for global justice

Although South Africa is no longer an apartheid nation, the African National Congress (ANC) which fought the White Apartheid regime before the ANC taking state power in 1990 is turning out to be morally deficient and incapable of governing, especially when it comes to issues of justice, poverty reduction, and transparency.  A clarion realization of this is the Southern African state desire to quit the International Criminal Court. According to reliable sources, South Africa has formally begun the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC), notifying the UN of its decision. In 2015, the leadership of the...

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It was in the Family, Mugabe uses sons as delegates for his country’s visit at UN Assembly

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe did something that shocks no one in the West and also in Africa. However, in this age and time when more and more Africans are rebelling against tyranny and dictatorship, abuse of power, cronyism, corruption and nepotism, the aging Zimbabwean leader sees no political indecency in using his country’s resources to take his two school-age sons as part of his country’s delegation 71st Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. President Mugabe who was accompanied by cabinet ministers, senior government officials, wife Grace and youngest son Chatunga to the world’s most recognizable political...

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Deferral in Somalia Presidential Election Raises Fears of Manipulation and Control

Electoral processes, especially presidential elections, are instrument of contention around the world, but more so in Africa.  This is precisely why the purported delay in Somalia’s presidential election raises concerns of manipulation and increased inter-clan disputes within the additional one month to the set date of November 30, 2016. Sources in Mogadishu revealed that some members of the National Leadership Forum (NLF) – the key decision-making body – are also candidates in the presidential contest. One of the candidates, Abdirahman Mohammed Farole, is vehemently objecting to presidential contenders being NLF members. Michael Keating, the United Nations Special Representative for...

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Tanzania President Clamps Down on Corrupt and Renegade Officials

Africa is washed in excessive corruption, and the symptoms of that impoverish more and more Africans.  Even in time of disasters, some officials in African bureaucracy and political leadership still develop the audacity to steal or embezzle public funds intended for relief assistance in their respective countries. For example, when the deadly Ebola struck in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, some officials in those countries were accused of pocketing funds donated to help mitigate the crisis and to help their fellow citizens.  Nothing became of these criminal acts despite the widespread public outcry. In Tanzania, an East African nation...

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