Rwandan Senate has a new leader

NAIROBI, Kenya –  On Thursday, October 17, 2019, Rwanda’s Senate elected new a president following the swearing-in ceremony of 20…

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Tunisia’s independent presidential candidate claims electoral victory

PARIS, France –  Kais Saied, Tunisia’s independent presidential candidate, announced Sunday evening that he won the second round of the…

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The election commission in Mozambique concerned about the security situation in the country’s northern province

HARARE, Zimbabwe — The National Election Commission (CNE) of Mozambique on Thursday said that all security conditions in the voting…

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Libya’s eastern-based parliament condemns Turkey’s military operation in Syria

ALGIERS, Algeria – The House of Representatives in Libya’s eastern region on Thursday condemned Turkey’s military operation in northern Syria.…

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Ethiopian government official admonishes African countries to strengthen ties with China

RABAT, Morocco — A top Ethiopian official on Thursday counseled African countries to build stronger ties with China. The special…

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Violent repression in Ecuador as workers resist IMF package

Disastrous IMF policies are wreaking havoc on the country’s economy by eliminating social and labor rights. The International Trade Union…

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Ecuador’s President Flee Capital City After Massive Protest Brought on by IMF Harmonization

The protests came in response to increases of up to 120 percent in fuel prices after the government eliminated subsidies…

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NY Fed Steps Into Repo Market to Control Soaring Rates

The operation designed to keep the Fed’s benchmark rate trading in a target range The Federal Reserve Bank of New…

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Instead of addressing xenophobic attacks, President Ramaphosa sweet talks African nations

HARARE, Zimbabwe – South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has sent special envoys to several African countries over xenophobic attacks carried…

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Zimbabwe ruling party lauds world leaders who attended Mugabe’s funeral

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party says it appreciates world leaders, special envoys, international delegations, local political players and…

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