Depleting Liberia’s Fish Stock: “If You Can’t Help Us Don’t Harm Us”

Despite the quasi-financial compensation Liberia believes it is receiving via aid for training, the fishery accord signed between the Republic…

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Embattled Sudanese president returns home after visiting Egypt

NAIROBI, Kenya –– Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Sunday has returned to his country’s capital Khartoum after a one-day visit…

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UK and US issued visa threat to Nigerian politicians, what is the implication?

LAGOS —Reliable sources within U.S. State Department and the UK foreign ministry confirmed that both the US and UK governments…

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Quasi-opposition group launched new political party in Tunisia

PARIS, France –– A group of determined hybrid opposition figures and government insiders have launched a new political party called…

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Simeon Freeman commits to creating private sector jobs in Liberia

WASHINGTON, DC –The importance of private sector jobs growth in Liberia and private sector jobs development in Africa at large…

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The U.S. Government offers a damning report on human and sex trafficking in Liberia

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The government of President George Weah needs to increase its efforts to prevent trafficking in persons by…

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Economic Meltdown Leads to Violence in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s president on Tuesday said “unacceptable” violence by security forces will be investigated after a days-long crackdown…

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Cardiff City’s Footballer Emiliano Sala was on board missing plane

According to French authorities, Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala was on board an aircraft that went missing near the Channel…

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security Imposes Restrictions on Vessels from Liberia

Liberia's relationship with U.S. under scrutiny due to Lebanese businesses linked to terrorist organizations

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Turmoil for international aid groups in Burundi over ethnic quotas

ABIDJAN — The aid community in Burundi is split over the government’s demand for international NGOs to disclose the ethnic…

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