CPP Framework is a “Carte Blanche” for Patronage and Protectionism – A Critique

By Martin K. N. KollieLiberian activist and columnist Article 10 Section 10:11 of “The CPP Framework” seemingly defeats the purpose and…

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Overview of Digital Cash Transfers

By: Melvin B. Moore Utilizing digital cash transfers (mobile money services) during COVID – 19 to reach vulnerable groups in…

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Voices from Exile (VEx) Press Release

By Martin K.N. Kollie Voices from Exile (VEx) Observes International Workers’ Day – Calls On The Weah-led Government To Refrain…

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Israel And Palestinians: Architects Of Their Destruction

By Alon Ben-MeirAs Israel celebrates the 72nd anniversary of its independence, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to simmer as neither side…

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The Dire Consequences of Territorial Annexation

By Alon Ben-MeirThe formation of an Israeli coalition government led by Netanyahu and Gantz, the leaders of Likud and Kahol…

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Dr. Mory Sumaworo (Ph.D., IIUM) A Liberian Academic, Researcher, and Entrepreneur. Every challenge comes with a golden opportunity and a…

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Trump’s Pandemic Failure: A Missed Opportunity

By Alon Ben-Meir By Alon Ben-MeirFor a man who is a self-absorbed, power-hungry narcissist who wants to be recognized as…

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Activist Kollie accuses Deputy Minister Tuan of reckless driving, abuse of power

By Martin K. N. KollieLiberian activist and columnist How the Deputy Minister of Justice Nyenati Tuan is abusing power and taking…

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Part II -My Take on Liberia’s Scheduled April 2020 Oil Blocks Bid Round

PART 2 Christopher Z. Neyor, International Energy Expert, former CEO NOCAL Other Issues of Concern in the Liberia Oil &…

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In The War On Coronavirus, We Demand Answers Not Just Vaccines

By:  B. Weah Doe Jr. At the commencement of the 20th century, the greed for the domination of other nations…

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