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Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis isn’t about language, but economic deprivation

By Amindeh Blaise Atabong Yaoundé, Cameroon Note:  Culled from Quartz Africa The protracted crisis in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions, which has largely grounded schools and courts in the affected areas since November 2016, and threatened tip into full-scale conflict, seems to have no end in sight. In recent weeks, there have been deadly clashes between government forces and local protesters. Mass arrests in the Anglophone North West and South West regions have also been affected, leaving detention facilities overwhelmed with detainees. Government and activists have called for dialogue to resolve the crisis. But neither side has taken the required steps...

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Unmasking Ellen’s game plan for Weah’s Presidency–part I—A Rejoinder

By Sayma Syrenius Cephus Counselor-At-Law, Liberia I have been somewhat unable to understand what has been the source of parochialism in the psyche of most Liberians who preferred to be called “educated” but in truth are victims of their own limitations. Even in the practice of law, I am yet to see a Liberian  lawyer who has transcended the boundary of our country to practice anywhere in the world, until few years ago, when I made the ultimate sacrifice to market my name, competence  and professional qualification as a courtroom lawyer with a number of international bodies. Thank God...

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Unmasking Ellen’s game plan for Weah’s Presidency–part I

We are in trouble! This is factual and will leave you in utter dismay about Ellen and her tricks. Ellen’s support to George Weah and Jewel Taylor is not due to favor or love for the ticket but she feels, with them, her long-term agenda will be efficiently implemented. Now talks are well advanced between Ellen, Alexander Cummings, Jr. and other players for a possible second round support to George Weah. Cummings, based on his numbers, will be appointed as either Ambassador to the US or the UN and with the support of Ellen, Jeremiah Solunteh will ultimately contest...

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Liberia’s Democracy in Plummet: The Rogues VS the Riffraff

By Alfred P. B. Kiadii The gory clamoring of the elements of the rogue ruling Unity Party for a runoff and the disastrous trailing of the Party behind the riffraff Coalition for Democratic Change in the preliminary result announced by the criminal head of the National Elections Commission in Jerome Kokoyah is an indication of the fading and the sabbatical of hygiene in the government, and its gross insensitivity to address structural imbalances and solve social discards in the Republic. Since the release of the preliminary result of the presidential election, looking at the trend of the result, the...

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Liberia: Hopes Dashed

Cllr. James Verdier, chairman of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission LIBERIA: Fighting Corruption War Without Weapons or Ammunition A Statement By Jerome J Verdier, Sr (Cllr) Contributor On January 16, 2006, when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became President of Liberia, she raised the hopes of many Liberians of a new day in Liberia and inspired the confidence of the International community when she declared “war against corruption as public enemy number one.” The President dashed the hopes of the Liberian people and the international community, further in government’s commitment to fighting corruption when she failed to reappoint former Auditor General John...

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Will the Palestinians Ever play their cards right?

Photo: Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah at a deal making in Cairo, Egypt The current efforts to reconcile between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas will be doomed to fail just like several previous attempts, unless both sides agree to resolve three major obstacles—a united strategy to find a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fate of Hamas’ cache of weapons, and the Palestinians’ future government—that have haunted them since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007.  Given their mutual animosity and deadly rivalry, the question is, will the Palestinians be able this time around to play their...

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No Amount of distraction can Alter the Drive for Change

It is somewhat amazing and to a large extent, incredibly difficult to decipher the actual objective of the forays of negative media reports regarding the presidential ticket of the CDC led by Senator George Manneh Weah. First, we must understand and appreciate the fact that the authors of these articles are Liberian citizens and given their diverse political or  tribal interests and  backgrounds, it is obvious to arrive at the salient  conclusion that in a country where signs of pragmatism are harder to find when it comes to whose interest should prevail, it is obvious that the CDC ticket...

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The Value of Peace vs. the Consequences of Electoral Violence

Press Statement for Immediate Release From the Office of the Youth Ambassador Martin KN Kollie– International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) – Monrovia, Liberia, October 10, 2017 There is a lot for Africa’s oldest republic to gain if PEACE reigns after October 10, 2017 polls, but there is also a lot to lose if VIOLENCE prevails. The over 2.8 million youth in Liberia have a chance once more to choose PEACE over VIOLENCE. We caution them to refrain from all acts of violence and stand up for peace ahead of Liberia’s historic Presidential and Legislative Election. Never again must Liberian...

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