Vatican confirms Mali to get its first cardinal

Vatican City, Rome (Globe Afrique) – The creation of Mali’s first cardinal is to go ahead as planned, the Vatican…

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Gambia’s Political Fall-out: A Lesson for African Dictators and Tyrants

The political turmoil and uncertainty in the tiny West African nation of the Gambia appears to be unfolding rapidly with…

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Remembering Archbisop Francis: Liberia Catholic Church Scolds Widespread Public Corruption

The Catholic church has been the conscience of Liberia, especially during the country’s civil war.  Under the leadership of the…

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The Persecution of Christians In the Middle East

Coptic Christians escape persecution from militants and police in Egypt New York – Although Christians have lived in the Middle…

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Islamic Militants Attacked Coptic Christian Church in Egypt, 25 Killed, Several Wounded.

At least 25 people, all Coptic Christians, have been killed from Islamic militants’ attacks in Cairo, Egypt, officials say. Since…

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Rwanda’s Catholic Church sorry for role in the 1994 genocide

KIGALI, Rwanda, East Africa – After nearly 22 years, the Catholic Church in Rwanda has finally apologized on Sunday, November…

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Bishop TD Jakes: “Let it go” and ” Let them walk”

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Joel Osteen – Your Destiny is Calling!

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