Afro-Germany – Being black and German

Black and German: news anchor Jana Pareigis has spent her entire life being asked about her skin color. What is…

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Student fakes being black to get into college

Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam, who claims he got into medical school by pretending to be a black man, now thinks President…

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Former U.S. President Obama’s lasting counsel for African leaders

Obama Says He Could “Win A Third Term As President.” African leaders have developed a tendency of autocracy and greed…

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DJ Khaled – Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Wild Thoughts” is a hip hop-rock song by American musician DJ Khaled featuring Barbadian singer Rihanna and American singer Bryson…

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Officials in Ivory Coast blame ‘inside job’ for mass prison escape

Photo shows Ivorian police officers and soldiers leaving a prison in Abidjan WEST AFRICA––– Officials in the West Africa nation…

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The life and legacy of boxing titan Muhammad Ali

PBS NewsHour Presents  Published on Jun 4, 2016 Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, famed boxer and social activist Muhammad Ali,…

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Church Business and Nigerian Fake Pastors Exposed

There is no reservation that the 21st century church is taking many cues from its business counterparts in the world.…

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Your Immune System Under a Microscope

This video shows how bacteria and spirochetes attack white blood cells in the mouth. These are the bacterias that cause…

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  Agenda for Transformation – Liberia’s Road To Recovery

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a Liberian politician who serves as the 24th and current President of…

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