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China Helping Africa; But Also Harming Africans with Fake Food, Goods etc.

Monrovia, Liberia – China is not just shipping cheap and unnecessary goods to Africa, the Chinese are also shipping unhealthy food to the continent in addition to wasteful workers.

Generally, illnesses like cancer were uncommon in many African countries because most African eat healthy. But with the advent and massive flow of Chinese goods and food, cancer and respiratory diseases are becoming common in several African communities.

However, this is not the real problem faced by Africa, a continent where unemployment is extreme and where jobs are hard to find.

The Chinese are sending over their citizens to seek and obtain employment that ordinary and unskilled Africans would like to have.

In Kenya, Chinese are engaged in all kinds of employment and small business activities.  In Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Chinese are street peddlers, small shop owners and even cooks and dishwashers. They are selling sand and quarry etc.

The flow of Chinese of laborers in several African countries increases unemployment in those countries but given the high level of corruption and greed by most African leaders and bureaucrats who rely on Chinese foreign aid for virtually every development efforts, the status quo is fine.

Chinese laborers in Africa

Chinese are not the only ones seeking avenue of employment for their citizens in Africa.  Per sources and fact findings, several so-called international nonprofit organization working in Africa are mainly serving as employment vehicles for people who otherwise would not find employment in their western nations.

During the past five years, the international community and western nations have donated billions of dollars for relief and humanitarian work in several African nations.  An estimated 85 percent of all aid and humanitarian dollars go to overhead while the communities in whose name such dollars are collected and send remain more vulnerable.

Per Globe Africa Media ongoing research, some aid packages approved by bureaucrats in the west with the intend of improving living conditions in Africa are not properly.  The sole reasons for these approvals remain the fact some individuals are receiving “kickbacks.”



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