Press Statement for Immediate Release

September 23, 2018

The Concerned Citizens United to Bring Our Money Back (COCUBOMB) vehemently condemns the Government of Liberia under President George M. Weah for arbitrarily arresting popular Hipco Rapper and a lead campaigner (A4doe) who sang the song “Bring Our Container Back.”

The musician who is currently imprisoned at the Zone 8 Police Station in ELWA was picked up last night by State Security. A4doe and his colleague Kpanto were assaulted before the said arrest was made. Kpanto who narrowly escaped broke the news on his Facebook page (Skinnyboi Kpanto SkinnyKing).

COCOBOMB frowns on this government for continuously threatening and intimidating patriotic Liberians who are standing up for this missing L$16 billion to be fully accounted for. Since last week, leaders and campaigners of COCUBOMB have been pursued and threatened by State Security.

Our lives are insecure and unsafe. They are threatening us every moment. The arrest of A4doe is a vicious testament to such intolerance and a complete clampdown on free speech and freedom of movement. We condemn this illegal arrest and call for the unconditional release of A4doe.

Instead of arresting and imprisoning those who diverted and stole our billions (US$106 million), they are arresting a popular musician who is demanding the restitution of those billions. This is unacceptable and offensive. The government is provoking violence, and it is good to note this.

COCUBOM calls on the United Nations, US Embassy, AU, ECOWAS and European Union to immediately intervene as this government continues to violate the fundamental rights of peaceful and patriotic Liberians who are demanding accountability and transparency in public service.

The leadership of COCUBOMB has already communicated with the UN Country Representative, H.E. Yacoub El Hillo, on this worrisome matter. The government will take full responsibility if anything happens to this favorite musician.

Let it be known that this government cannot intimidate or threaten us from standing up for this stolen L$16 billion. The PEOPLE will come out en masse for our peaceful assembly on Monday, September 24, 2018. Even though we will do nothing to undermine the peace, but this government must be cautious of its role and refrain from pursuing/threatening leaders of Monday’s peaceful assembly.

We call on every Liberian to turn out en masse on Monday with their PA systems and Speakers playing A4doe and MC Caro Songs: “BRING BACK OUR CONTAINER.” Dress in black and white and print on your t-shirts/posters/banners: Bring Back Our Money.

Signed: Jeremiah Swen, Secretary General – COCUBOMB

Approved: Martin K. N. Kollie, National Chairman – COCUBOMB