CONAKRY, Guinea – As several African countries face infrastructure problems especially good road networks, their citizens appear to be bearing the brute of this weakness.

During the close of last week, eyewitnesses and police sources informed Globe Afrique that eighteen people were killed and another 14 injured in Guinea-Bissau, a small West Africa nation when a minibus collided with a truck.

Local police say the truck appeared to have been excessively speeding when the driver lost control and struck the minibus near Bissauzinho, some 15 kilometers (15 miles) from the capital Bissau.

Authorities in a nearby hospital said at least 10 of the injured victims from the accident were in a serious condition up to press time.

Guinea-Bissau is a politically unstable nation located between the Republic of Senegal and the Republic of Guinea and considered as one of the poorest countries in the world.